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Visiting Rio de Janeiro

Brazil and South America’s most famous city is best known as the world’s biggest party city. Once a year it comes to a standstill and the carnival takes over. And no matter where you are in the city you can see the Corcovado (Statue of Christ).

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Rio de Janeiro - Home of the 'favela'

Marcelo Armstrong, founder of 'Favela Tour', Rio de Janeiro's original favela tour, speaks to Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty to explain what a 'favela' is, why he decided to start the tour, and that there are many positive aspects to them and not just negative ones.

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How to save money in Rio de Janeiro

If your funds are low when in Rio de Janeiro, and you want to save money by doing free things and more, watch our video presented by our editor Colm Hanratty.

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Rio de Janeiro City Reviews

  • 90%


    Rio De Janeiro!

    Great city with lots to do and see! the city is safer than we originally thought, and it really depends on you if you are safe!

    Insider Tip:Ipanema Beach for sunset is great, Copacabana beach is great but expect to be hassled for buying water and beds!

  • 80%


    Rio de janeiro still beautiful

    I had an impression that the Rio de Janeiro would be a very dangerous place, and hostile in some places, but it was all very quiet. The beaches are wonderful, the Maracana stadium is monumental. A Famosa lapa can only be cited. I hope to return as soon as possible

    Insider Tip:Beaches, Maracana Stadium, Lapa

  • 80%


    Rio de Janeiro is wonderful

    recommend to all tourists do not miss visiting the cave, the Corcovado, the fifth of the good view, the Maracana, the fair Paraíbas, the fair Lavradio, the Cadeg and beach Ipanema and Copacabana. all wonderful

    Insider Tip:Buxixo, Lapa 40 graus Rio scenarium Barra Music

  • 80%


    RIO is beautiful

    the weather is beautiful, people are friendly, fresh fruit and juice everywhere along the beaches, Be very careful around the city center at night it is seedy and dangerous, stay out all day and at night stay along teh well lit safer beach areas.

    Insider Tip:take the bus youncan get from the beach form13.50'Real to the domestic or international airport DO NOT spend anymore money. Its airconditioned huge comfy bus.

  • 80%


    Must visit city in South America

    Rio de janeiro is for people who enjoy beaches, and/or the outdoors. Hang on the beach, go zip lining, visit all the mountains, and go hangglidding.

    Insider Tip:Don't be afraid to take public transportation. It will save you so much money. Metro was super easy to figure out.

Brazil: Itinerary

While Asia has for years been the most popular continent on the planet for backpacking, over the last decade South America has fast been speeding up every traveller’s ‘to-do list’. And in particular, due to its size, cities and diversity, Brazil has climbed to the top of everybody’s South America list. While it isn’t the capital, Rio de Janeiro is where most people begin their journey.

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