Transport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Getting there

As the city’s train station is now only used for commuter trains, you will more than likely get to Rio by either plane or bus.

All international flights along with most domestic flights fly to Aeroporto Galeão.

Getting Around

By metro: This is the most comfortable and safest way to get around Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, there are only two lines running so they might not be running to where you need to go. They operate between 6am-11pm but don’t run on Sundays.

By bus: There are over three hundred bus routes around and they are sometimes the only way to get to some areas of the city. They are quick, cheap and also quite frequent.

If you do decide to take the bus, be careful. Rio’s bus drivers are notorious for being reckless and erratic. They also can get overcrowded. In a worst case scenario, you might witness, or worse even be a victim of, some petty theft. Avoid carrying valuables with you.

By taxi: There are two types of taxis – yellow ones with blue stripes and radio cabs which are white with a red and yellow stripe. The yellow ones taxis are the cheaper of the two although radio cabs have a reputation for being a little bit safer.

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