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If this is your first trip to the ‘Eternal City’, it’s probably a good idea to start planning your next one already because with over four hundred churches as well as numerous other sights, your promise to return will not be made lightly.

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Hidden Rome

Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to Francesco Galluzzi, a tour guide in Rome, about some of the city's less known attractions.

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10 Things You Need To Know About Rome

Find out hidden attractions in Rome, where to go at night, what not to miss and more.

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Rome City Reviews

  • 80%


    Most cultural place I've ever been to

    Don't get the metro pass because it's nicer to walk. Every corner you turn will have something new to see. It's not far from each other. Get one of the free maps and draw out where you want to go and just do it. It's very easy to navigate around this city even if you don't know much Italian.

    Insider Tip:Eat as much as you can but use the travel guides because they give you a pretty good idea of how good or bad a place is. I haven't been disappointed in going to a good rated one.

  • 80%


    Want to visit again!

    I only have two days and a half in Rome. Rome is a city that would need definitely more than three days. The metro is so cool with so many graffiti!

    Insider Tip:Rome pass is really helpful if you stay only three days, and visit 2 or more museum. Be careful some restaurants would recommend something really expensive, ask the price please before you order it.

  • 50%


    Rome, Italy

    Rome was my least favorite. Public transportation was very hard to navigate in general, and at one point we were pulled off the tram for not having a ticket because we didn't understand the system and couldn't determine what to do from the locals that we saw. We may now have a fine, although the authorities were unclear and didn't provide us a written notice or anything. Overall, it is an important location and I loved the Roman Forum/Colosseum, but the stress wasn't worth the attractions.

    Insider Tip:Important!! First: buy the ticket, as it's not worth a 50 euro fine that increases to 100 if you don't pay then. Second: make sure to validate it. As the ticket can be used multiple times if not validated, the authorities will still fine you if you do not validate it in a separate machine that stamps the time and date. And don't think that because the system is mostly based on honesty that you can get away without buying a ticket.

  • 80%


    Roma in 3 days

    The city is easily walkable. If the locals tell you "it is far or will take 30 minutes to walk" that generally translated to 10 or 15 minutes walk. The city is great for walking and the locals are friendly and will provide directions if one gets lost.

    Insider Tip:I actually had 4 days in Roma however all the key tourist sites can easily be visited within 2 or 3 days. They are also walkable. Recommend getting the Roma pass, the value is great. Get a tour guide for the Vatican and St. Peters, if possible. The castle at the 10 Angels bridge can be skipped. Look for the set menu at restaurants, they are generally a solid value.

  • 60%


    Rome Advice

    There a lot of things to visit in Rome, mainly the Castles and Museums. I recommend to reserve at least 3 full days to it. Should see the Fontana di Trevi, Castel Sant'Angelo, Pantheon, Forum Trajanum, Foro Romano, Altare della Patria and Vatican (The church, the museum and the Cistine Chapel)

    Insider Tip:Any time that you go to Vatican, you'll get in a middle of a crowd. I suggest to go in the end of the winter or the end of the summer, because, probably you will get more time and less people, that can propitiate a better time in each of the views, specially the vatican. Please reserve 2 days to Vatican, one to go to the Church and the other to go to the Museums. And yes, the Vatican Pass is must purchase. Less expensive than paying every place you decide to enter.

Italy: Itinerary

The only other European city which is on par with Rome in terms of history is Athens. While the Greek capital is home to the Gods, the Italian capital is home to the Emperors, most notably Julius Caesar. The city is fascinating as right beside some of the most beautiful landmarks in the world, Romans fly about the place going about their day to day business.

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