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Visiting Rome

If this is your first trip to the ‘Eternal City’, it’s probably a good idea to start planning your next one already because with over four hundred churches as well as numerous other sights, your promise to return will not be made lightly.

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Hidden Rome

Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to Francesco Galluzzi, a tour guide in Rome, about some of the city's less known attractions.

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10 Things You Need To Know About Rome

Find out hidden attractions in Rome, where to go at night, what not to miss and more.

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Rome City Reviews

  • 80%


    Didn't See What All The Hype Was All About

    We stayed in Rome for a full 3 days. The Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Trevi Fountain (although under construction) were all great sights, the food was fantastic, and it was very cool to be in such an old city. However, we failed to see the charm that everyone raves about.

    Insider Tip:Would spend an entire day just wandering around central Rome, as it is likely you will hit all the sights without trying. Probably a better and more relaxing way to get to know the city.

  • 80%



    Rome was so busy at this time of year, so I couldn't have stayed many more days than I did - about 6 in total. Beautiful city though. Don't skip the Colosseum & Palantine Hill! Also, Piazza Venezia is way underrated, and is absolutely beautiful. Also head across the visit & visit the Trastevere area, which has way less tourists. Although a bit of a trek, Ostia Beach is also fantastic if you're willing to pay for a chair! :)

  • 80%


    Lots of history!

    We enjoyed our stay in Rome very much. Amazing sites. It was unfortunate that the Trevi Fountain was not working. There were many people selling things on the street like selfie poles, sling shot helicopters and flowers. They were very aggressive and very annoying. Definitely spoiled the atmosphere when trying to relax on the Spanish Steps or enjoy a dinner at an outdoor cafe.

    Insider Tip:Get the Roma Pass. Skip lines and use the transit for free. Definitely worth it!

  • 60%


    City Review: Rome, Italy

    Rome, Italy (arguably one of the most famous cities in the world) has a lot of historical sites i wanted to see. I found that like any major city with tourist attractions the marketing comes at you left and right and is a bit overwhelming. I found this to be the case at many tourist spots around Rome (Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican). The city isn't too large so it is manageable to see most things within a long weekend.

    Insider Tip:-Be careful of the cab drivers at the bus station/train station. They tried charging me 70 Euro to go two blocks -Don't eat near the Vatican (a coke will cost me 9 Euro) -If you go to the Colosseum buy the advanced ticket through one of the sight seeing bus tour companies (the lines are horrible and buying in advance can save you a 3 hour wait) -No need for the audio guide at the Colosseum. -Be careful of scammers (guys giving flowers away for free, people posing as tourists offering to take your pic)

  • 80%


    Full of Hidden Treasures

    I have traveled to 14 Capital City's this year, and Rome was on of my favorites. Honestly, I was initially put off due to travelling around the city center being difficult (only 2 metro lines around the outside), but this was turned upside down and I was glad to have walked places. It forces you to explore the city more. To get lost. After this I'd be tempted to walk places instead of relying on buses, trams or trains. It is full of history, as beautiful as it is in pictures.

    Insider Tip:When you go out in the evening to eat, don't settle for places just because they're nearer the metro stops. Walk further into the center and experience authentic 10/10 food for much cheaper.

Italy: Itinerary

The only other European city which is on par with Rome in terms of history is Athens. While the Greek capital is home to the Gods, the Italian capital is home to the Emperors, most notably Julius Caesar. The city is fascinating as right beside some of the most beautiful landmarks in the world, Romans fly about the place going about their day to day business.

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