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Visiting Rome

If this is your first trip to the ‘Eternal City’, it’s probably a good idea to start planning your next one already because with over four hundred churches as well as numerous other sights, your promise to return will not be made lightly.

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Hidden Rome

Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to Francesco Galluzzi, a tour guide in Rome, about some of the city's less known attractions.

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10 Things You Need To Know About Rome

Find out hidden attractions in Rome, where to go at night, what not to miss and more.

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Rome City Reviews

  • 60%


    A must visit destination.

    The Colosseum is located here. What is there more to say? And If you are a catholic, the Vatican city is here too. What is there more to say? You have to come.

    Insider Tip:Go early to the Vatican museum. I mean it. I will suggest go half to one hour before the museum open. The queue is really long.

  • 30%



    We were looking forward to Rome and in particular the Trevi Fountain which when we arrived was under construction so you couldn't see it properly. You had to queue for hours upon end to even get into anything. We wouldn't return to Rome again, for many reasons aside from the above.

  • 90%


    Many things to see

    For me, Rome is the city in Europe where you should stay as long as possible. In every single corner there is a fountain, a square or even roman toilet. Just awesome!

    Insider Tip:Near to circus maximus there's a mountain from where you can see Vaticano through a keyhole.

  • 80%



    We should have gone at another time of the year, because it was too full and too hot. Hugh cues everywhere. We went to Rome while doing interrail so we where only there for a few days and it was the last place on my list, so i guess i couldn't enjoy it that much as i has already been traveling for 17 days and i was tired any ready to go home.

    Insider Tip:The Colosseum is a must see, skip the cue with the Roma Pass you can get at tourist info points. Go after 2pm then cues are shorter. Look out nice affordable places for dinner on trip adviser before going out, instead of wondering around for ages trying to find something that is worth your money.

  • 80%


    Full of History

    Was a really great city. could reach everywhere by foot. Different places have their own charater. Just be aware with your feet, it might get hurt easily due to the uneven floor.

Italy: Itinerary

The only other European city which is on par with Rome in terms of history is Athens. While the Greek capital is home to the Gods, the Italian capital is home to the Emperors, most notably Julius Caesar. The city is fascinating as right beside some of the most beautiful landmarks in the world, Romans fly about the place going about their day to day business.

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