About Rotorua, New Zealand

A cultural and scenic wonderland, Rotorua was first settled back in the 14th century by Maoris from the Arawa tribe who originally settled in the Bay of Plenty but began to move inland as the decades past. It is home to one of the most impressive and fascinating geothermal landscapes in the world which has been attracting and enchanting visitors to the region for over a century and a half. While much of the area is used for forestry and farming, it is covered with volcanoes, geysers, boiling mud pools, warm bathing pools with healing waters and amazing crystal formations.

As well as the natural landscape, however, the culture and traditions of the original settlers to the region has played a very important role in Rotorua’s development both as an urban and a tourist region. Evidence of the Maori presence in the area is still visible in the number of centres which are used to display and preserve these century old customs and artefacts.

And, as if all of this wasn’t enough, Rotorua is also renowned for its leisure activities. With over sixteen lakes, as well as numerous rivers, mountains, and waterways, the opportunities for adventure are endless. Kayaking, sailing, jet skiing and parasailing are among the most popular but as well as the water sports, bungy jumping, abseiling volcanoes and helicopter rides are also availed of by the adrenaline junkies who visit the region.

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