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Visiting Rotterdam

Dating back to around 1250, the first settlement in Rotterdam was around the River Rotte by a group of fishermen. Ninety years later it received city status in the Netherlands. Today, it is part of a region known as The Randstad. It also home to the world’s largest port.

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Netherlands Pocket Guides

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Rotterdam City Reviews

  • 50%


    Não deixe de passar um dia em kinderdjik! Pub imperdível na cidade: De Witte Aap. Procurem os dias com música ao vivo.

  • 80%


    City was more strict on Weed than expected.

    I only spent 1 night in Rotterdam. Hence could not reply much. Those looking for weed can only expect to find them in licensed cafe.

    Insider Tip:Good to spend 2 days around. Good place to chill out.

  • 90%


    Modern, Beautiful

    It may be small but go to blaak station! there is the most amazing marketplace i have even seen in my whole life, OMG seriously. If you get bored... OMG GO TO KINDEDIJK, i have to say it may be the most beautiful place i've been to, it felt so much more representative of the Netherlands than Amsterdam! Public transport is amazing everything is soooo modern!

    Insider Tip:Blaak station (have lunch here) + Kindedijk DO IT its on the UNESCO list There is also the splash tours (amphibious vehicle!!!) which i missed out T_T very relaxing place!

  • 80%


    Rotterdam > Amsterdam

    Having visited Amsterdam for a few days before coming to Rotterdam, I much preferred my time in Rotterdam, which is cheaper, far less seedy/touristy and in general a more pleasant experience. Whilst the architecture is very different to that of traditional Amsterdam, the cityscape is still very impressive with high rise glass buildings everywhere and open boulevards and squares and whilst it doesn't have the same level of things to visit as Amsterdam, there is plenty to see and do.

    Insider Tip:If I was to make a recommendation, I would say split your visit between Amsterdam and Rotterdam - go hard for three days in Amsterdam, see the sights, smoke the weed etc. and then catch the train to Rotterdam (1 hour from Amsterdam) and gain a much more authentic Dutch experience.

  • 60%



    Rotterdam is a nice city although there is not alot to do. We did however hire vespas from www.hollandvespatours.nl/ and I have to say its been the highligh of our european trip so far. If you want to see the country side on a vespa guided by GPS then I would highly recommend this while you are in Rotterdam. Amazing experience and Value.

Netherlands: Itinerary

The Netherlands is the perfect destination for those of you who might not have all the time in the world. Because distances between the major cities are really short, this allows you to see much of the country in a short space of time. As well as this, bicycles are the preferred mode of transport for many visitors because the Netherlands is almost completely flat meaning that you don't have to be a seasoned cyclist to take on a journey. Bicycles only cost a few dollars a day to rent but many rail passes will also earny you a discount so there are no excuses. On yer bike...

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