Transport in San Diego, USA

Getting there

By air: Although some international flights do go direct to the city’s Lindbergh Field Airport, most flights going to San Diego from far off destinations do so through Los Angeles or San Francisco.

By train: San Diego’s main train station is in the heart of downtown on Broadway. Los Angeles is approximately 2¾ hours away, with San Francisco 16 hours away.

By bus: The bus station is in the right in the city centre. Los Angeles is only 2½ hours away on bus.

Getting around

By bus: This is the most convenient way to get around as the bus network serves the majority of the city.

By trolley: Trolleys are similar to trams. In San Diego they run on two lines from the terminal which is downtown. The first line goes south towards San Ysidro and the second line goes east through the city to El Cajon.

By train: A train line on the north coast of the city connects some of the northern suburbs.

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