About San Francisco, USA

About San Francisco

In comparison with other American cities, San Francisco is different in many aspects. It only covers an area of 47 square miles making it one of the country’s smaller cities. Most unusually of all, it is where all of the country’s dreamers, hobos and hippies end up. And in comparison to the rest of California, it is full of history.

After a Spanish presidio and a mission were founded in 1776 in a tiny settlement called Yerba Buena, the city was founded. This settlement remained relatively small with a population of merely 800 people up until the mid 19th Century. It wasn’t until after gold was discovered in 1848 in the area that thousands began travelling to the city.

Two years later the population rocketed to an astounding 25,000 people, all searching for their own fortune. Law and order was lost for a while but local vigilantes did their best to keep things under control. Due to this gold rush people from all over the world also set off for the city, which has resulted in so many different nationalities and races presently living there.

Today the city’s most prominent industry is tourism. Millions flock to the city each year to climb its steep streets and walk over the Golden Gate Bridge. Along with the city’s other big attraction, Alcatraz Jail, the best way to see experience the city’s atmosphere is by exploring its diverse districts.

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