Eating Out in San Sebastian, Spain

Pintxos are without a doubt the speciality here in San Sebastian, and you’ll find a plethora of bars offering these delicious treats throughout the city. Many of the most popular pintxos bars here can be found in Parte Vieja, with others to check out in Gros.

Apart from pintxos, you’ll also find a great selection of restaurants in Parte Vieja offering a selection of local dishes as well as more internationally flavoured foods. Gros, again, is another area to check out if you’re looking for a sit down dinner, while the streets of San Martín, Urbieta along with others in the Centro area also provide tasty menus at great prices.

The emphasis is one fresh ingredients and handmade food in San Sebastian, with even burger joints like Va Bene offering up handmade burgers, definitely a notch above typical fast food fare.

Restaurants in San Sebastian

  • Regatta

    Hondarribia 20, Centro, San Sebastian, Spain

    Regatta is a bar that also serves a wide variety of dishes including sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, pintxos and more. It offers a popular ‘Menu del Dia’ at lunchtime too. Head down the stairs and you’ll find lots of tables to sit at, as well as stools at the bar well-liked amongst both locals and visitors.

    Kitchen open daily 7.30am-11.30pm.

  • Bar Iruna

    Easo 73, Amara Viejo, San Sebastian, Spain

    A great spot for breakfast, the counters of Bar Iruna are covered with big platters of food every morning. Including croissants to the ever-present tortilla de patatas, you’ll find a mouth-watering selection to choose from. Prices are really reasonable too, thanks to the breakfast combo specials. It’s very busy here so if you’ve an empty spot at your table you’ll probably end up sharing it with a local.

    Open daily 8am-11pm.

  • Pastelería Oiartzun

    C/ Ijentea 2, Parte Vieja, San Sebastian, Spain

    Behind the clear cases inside this popular bakery and café you’ll see a colourful collection of delectable treats. An array of tasty cakes, pastries and sweets can be bought here to take away or to consume at one of the tables outside looking down along the Boulevard. There’s a great choice of ice-cream for sale too, so this spot really is a must for any sweet-tooth visiting the city.

    Open daily 8am-9pm.

  • Va Bene Disco Burger

    Blas de Lezo 4, Amara Viejo, San Sebastian, Spain

    One of a couple of Disco Burger establishments in San Sebastian, this restaurant is a notch above your typical fast food joint as all the burgers here are handmade. Lots of different toppings are available, as well as some hot dogs and sandwiches. The abundance of Americana inside might be a bit over-the-top but with these delicious burgers at such low prices you won’t care.

    Open Tues-Sat 11am-2am, Mon-Sun 11am-3am.

  • La Tahona

    Easo 23, Amara Viejo, San Sebastian, Spain

    Wander past the long counter hiding tempting cakes, pastries and ice-cream behind clear glass and you’ll find a bunch of tables where you can sit and enjoy a coffee with one of the aforementioned treats. You’ll find great fresh breads here too, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking to pick up some supplies before heading beach-ward.

    Open Mon-Fri 7.30am-9pm, Sat-Sun 8am-2.30pm & 5pm-9pm.

  • Rojo & Negro

    San Marcial 52, Centro, San Sebastian, Spain

    Both bar and restaurant, Rojo & Negro offers an especially good value ‘Menu del Dia’ at lunchtime on weekdays including three courses and a drink. As well as that, you’ll also find platters of pintxos sitting along counters under hanging hunks of jamón (cured ham).

    Open daily 8.30am-11.30pm.

  • Santana Café

    Reina Regente 6, Centro, San Sebastian, Spain

    This cool little café with its art prints and funky lights overhanging the platter-covered bar is a great spot for lunch. As well as a spread of great value pintxos, you’ll find a selection of bocadillos, burgers and salads on the menu. Dishes are tasty and good value, while the staff are friendly, giving the place a laid-back atmosphere in which to enjoy your food.

    Open Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, closed Sun.

  • Foster’s Hollywood

    Zabaleta Kalea 1, Gros, San Sebastian, Spain

    Part of a chain of American-style restaurants across Spain, this is a good spot for a filling meal. The menu includes all the usual suspects from burgers, ribs and steak to Tex-Mex offerings such as nachos and more. Inside it’s pretty much as you’d expect; the music’s loud and the walls are peppered with movie posters, but the prices are reasonable and the staff are friendly so all-in-all a popular choice.

    Open Sun-Fri 1pm-12am, Sat 1pm-1am.

  • Tsi Tao

    Paseo de Salamanca 1, Parte Vieja, San Sebastian, Spain

    Tsi Tao is a popular place to eat thanks to first-rate Asian cuisine it offers. From sushi to dim sum, you’ll find a great choice of traditional Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and Japanese dishes on the menu here. The cool interior makes it comfortable spot for a meal, while the helpful staff and reasonable prices make it an even more attractive option if you’re looking to try something different while in the city.

    Open daily 1pm-4pm & 8pm-12am.

  • Bar Borda-Berri

    Fermin Calbetón 12, Parte Vieja, San Sebastian, Spain

    Popular with a younger crowd and run by a young team, Borda-Berri serves a dynamic selection of contemporary pintxos at extremely reasonable prices. Two of the top dishes here are the beef cheek and the mushroom risotto. They also do very tasty bocatas here, and these well-filled rolls are the perfect choice for lunch.

    Open daily 12.15am-3.30pm & 7.15pm-11.30pm.

  • Nestor Bar

    Pescadería 11, Parte Vieja, San Sebastian, Spain

    The place to go in San Sebastian for Spanish tortillas, Nestor Bar is a little hole in the wall spot that produces some of the most sought after food in the city. These well-loved tortillas de patatas come out of the oven only twice daily, one at 1pm and the other at 8pm so make sure you’re on time if you want a piece. It also offers a selection of other tasty pintxos if you happen to miss tortilla time.

    Open daily 12.30pm-4pm & 7pm-12am.

  • Ganbara

    San Jerónimo 21, Parte Vieja, San Sebastian, Spain

    One of the most popular pintxos bars in the city, Ganbara presents a wide variety of dishes including a range of more exotic choices like ‘goose barnacles’, a shellfish delicacy. The signature dish here is fried wild mushrooms and while these are at the pricer end of the pintxos scale, the bar also offers lots of cheaper options too.

    Open Mon-Sat 11am-3.15pm & 6.30pm-11.45pm, Sun 11am-3.15pm, closed Mon.

  • Iturrioz-2

    Aldamar 12, Parte Vieja, San Sebastian, Spain

    Grab a seat in the brightly lit, white interior of Iturrioz-2 and you’ll be able to sample some seriously delicious pintxos. From succulent duck to the freshest tuna, this popular spot offers a great selection of dishes at very affordable prices. A nice variety of wines compliment the food, all served up by the friendly staff.

    Open daily 11am-3.30pm & 6pm-11pm.

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