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Visiting Santiago

With the Andes providing a backdrop for the city, Santiago de Chile is one of the largest cities and most fascinating cities in South America. And despite its size it has maintained small town charm since its foundation in 1541.

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Santiago - Close to the mountains, close to the sea

Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to Kristina Schreck from Tourismo Chile about Santiago's unique location...the Chilean capital is just one hour from the heart of the Andes and one hour from the coast. Listen to find out about the best places to visit in each.

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How to save money in Santiago

Find out ways to save money when eating out in Santiago, how to visit a top art gallery for free and much more.

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Santiago City Reviews

  • 80%


    Santiago is great

    You have tons of activities, every neighborhood is different and have surprises for the traveler. Is a MUST if you want to know southamerica. The metro allows you to move around the city really easily and there are tons of great places to eat. Also, its really safe.

  • 90%


    Doable in a day

    We only had one day to see as much as possible so did tours and then caught the sunset view over the city. For sightseeing it's doable in a day but to get a proper feel for the city I would take a few. Really nice city, very westernised, some stunning views of the Andes. Definitely would have liked more time there

    Insider Tip:Go to the top of costanera tower for sunset, it won't disappoint and not expensive

  • 50%


    Santigao - Where do I go?

    I didn't feel like I got a whole lot of great experiences from this city. Maybe I didn't know where to look, who to talk to, or how I should be spending my time. But honestly, I don't think I'll choose to return to this City. I'd like to come back to Chile to check out Atacamas Desert and certainly Patagonia, but Santiago failed to impress me in any meaningful way.

  • 80%


    Very nice and very expensive

    The city seems to be an Europe city, it is very developed. The streets are clean, the metro is very good, there are many nice squares. It is very beautiful and you can see the beautiful Andes with snow on its top. On the other hand the city is very expensive. Everything is expensive there, including food and supermarkets.

  • 60%


    Santiago, Chile

    Santiago is one of the most organized South American cities. While in Santiago, don't expect the typical caos you maybe find in cities like La Paz. Getting around is very easy if you use the metro. Santiago is a very interesting city in terms of culture due to its recent history. Nightlife in Santiago is unmissable, especially the party called "Miercoles Po". Nevertheless, if you are on a low budget don't expect to eat very well, or get good "menu del dia". Watch out for the contamination.

    Insider Tip:Good city to ride in bike.

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