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With the Andes providing a backdrop for the city, Santiago de Chile is one of the largest cities and most fascinating cities in South America. And despite its size it has maintained small town charm since its foundation in 1541.

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Santiago - Close to the mountains, close to the sea

Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to Kristina Schreck from Tourismo Chile about Santiago's unique location...the Chilean capital is just one hour from the heart of the Andes and one hour from the coast. Listen to find out about the best places to visit in each.

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How to save money in Santiago

Find out ways to save money when eating out in Santiago, how to visit a top art gallery for free and much more.

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Santiago City Reviews

  • 40%



    Santiago is a grey and unattractive city. Considering the beauty available outside of the cities in Chile, staying in Santiago should really only be a passing through experiance. overpriced city.

    Insider Tip:Food is terrible. find a super market, they do exist but in the suburban areas where the wealthy live.

  • 80%


    Great (big) city.

    Santiago isn't really like the rest of Latin America; it kind of sits more in line with major cities in Italy or Spain - very safe, very developed, very clean, but watch your things in crowds, don't use your phone on the metro, etc. It's a lovely city you can spend a long time walking in - most of the museums are free, the architecture is lovely. The mountains make great day trips, and the fish/seafood is fresh. Winter's smog is pretty annoying, and prices can be pretty steep.

    Insider Tip:Go on a couple day trips to the mountains - there's lots of great hiking. Take advantage of the free walking tours (10 am and 3pm at the Plaza de Armas) early so you can get some local advice. Eat in the central market one day.

  • 80%


    Beautifull city

    Santiago is very chaming, although very dry and so polluted air (we were in late fall, there was no rain in the last 8 months!). The subways are crowded, it takes u to all the touristic and nice places, but it isn't enough day-to-day to the citizens. Beautifull Andes view from many spots in the city.

    Insider Tip:Must see the museums and parks. Sightseeing from Cerro San Cristobal and Cerro Santa Lúcia are stunning.

  • 60%


    Full of history

    It is easy to walk through the city. In the surroundings of Plaza the Armas there are many historical spots. It is worthy to get the services of a guide in order to know the history behind each spot.

    Insider Tip:For those who like history, a good spot is the Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos which gives publicity to the crimes committed during the military government. It puts light in this dark episode of the recent history of Latin American countries. Pastel de choclo (corn pie) at Galindo in Bellavista neighborhood.

  • 100%


    Great Surprise

    Santiago is standing a bit in the shadow of the glamorous and populair Buenos Aires. Totally unnecessary! Great and vibrant city with a wide range of affordable (for chilean standards) and creative restaurants, well taken care off museums like the Memorial museum and the Pre-colombian art museum and different neighbourhoods with their own character. The subway and bus system make it easy to get around, the chileans are helpful and hard working.

    Insider Tip:The free city tour of this city is really nice and will teach you a lot about the rich history of Chile. My favourite things to do were the climb of the San Christobal hill and a visit to a Cafe con Piernas.

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