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Visiting Seville

Seville is a warm city that makes you feel welcome when visiting. While its city centre is a bit squashed, a walk along the Río Guadalquivir is perfect for a bit of space while the outskirts is where you will find some of Spain’s nicest parks.

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Seville Podcasts

Seville - Home of Flamenco

Hostelworld’s Colm Hanratty speaks to Fernando Rodriguez of 'El Arenal', one of Seville's top Flamenco clubs about the origins of the music and its different styles.

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Seville Videos

What is a hostel?

We ask two backpackers and a hostel owner in Samay Hostel, Seville what their definition of a hostel is

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Seville City Reviews

  • 90%


    What you think Spain should be

    Seville was one of my favorite stops in Europe so far. It is a beautiful city with rich history and rich architecture and art at every turn. It has an INCREDIBLY relaxed atmosphere- I haven't chilled this hard in a long time. Also the tapas culture cannot be beat. Such a beautiful city with so much to do, I recommend everyone should visit at least once if not multiple times!

    Insider Tip:Eat lots of Tapas, and go sight-seeing, but most importantly: relax and enjoy the relaxed culture.

  • 90%


    Sevilla march 2014

    Lovelly place to visit for a WE alone or with yourgirlfriend. So much to see for an affordable price. Relax athmospher to chill out. Easy to order food and drinks even if you don't know spanich.

    Insider Tip:Just walk

  • 80%


    Seville, the city of parks

    Seville is a relaxed place with lots of cool areas to walk around. There are tons of nice to parks to chill in and historical buildings to admire. There's a lot of cool shopping - very unique stores - it's fun just to walk around in the small boutiques. This city seems to love frozen yogurt for some reason - more than any other place I've been in Europe.

    Insider Tip:Stay at Boutike Hostel!!

  • 100%


    Weekend in Seville

    One of my new favorite cities, Seville is small, but has an abundance of things to do. It feels typically "Spanish," and is beautiful just to walk around and get lost in. The food is delicious and more affordable than that of Madrid or Barcelona.

    Insider Tip:Get Berenjenas Con Miel (Fried Eggplant with Honey); they're delicious!

  • 100%


    so beautiful, even in the rain!

    It rained for most of my trip but I still loved Seville! Great sightseeing, had an awesome time going out. Will definitely be going back!

Spain: Itinerary

The north-eastern Spanish city is among one of Europe's favourite destinations for short breaks and a popular spot with inter-railers going to Spain. It is also home to some of the world's most fascinating architecture thanks to the works of Antoni Gaudi.

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