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Visiting Seville

Seville is a warm city that makes you feel welcome when visiting. While its city centre is a bit squashed, a walk along the Río Guadalquivir is perfect for a bit of space while the outskirts is where you will find some of Spain’s nicest parks.

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Seville Podcasts

Seville - Home of Flamenco

Hostelworld’s Colm Hanratty speaks to Fernando Rodriguez of 'El Arenal', one of Seville's top Flamenco clubs about the origins of the music and its different styles.

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Seville Videos

What is a hostel?

We ask two backpackers and a hostel owner in Samay Hostel, Seville what their definition of a hostel is

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Seville City Reviews

  • 90%


    A perfect place to get lost!

    Never have I wanted to wander about aimlessly through the streets as I have with Seville. Really had a hard time leaving, the city is just fantastic. I could not get enough of the amazing culture. It's bustling and loud, packed with people yet there are also so many quiet, tucked away streets that weave here and there in a chaotic labyrinth. The night life is sensational, the food out of this world, and the people are so genuine.

    Insider Tip:Take time to relax. Do all the touristy things and see all the incredible sights (there are so many!), but then really slow things down and walk around in some of the tucked away neighborhoods. Try to break through the language barrier with a local. Sit (or stand) in a cafe and sip a coffee in the late morning or something stronger in the early afternoon. Stroll through the famous gardens or along the river. Stay out all night and sleep in all day. This is Seville!

  • 70%



    A very interesting and historically and culturally rich town. There is much in the surrounding area I would have like to explore and experience. I would be inclined to spend a week or more in Sevilla in the future. We were able to see the highlights in a couple of days.

    Insider Tip:Spend more time than you planned at first. Read Michner's Iberia sections on Andalucia, Extramadura, and Sevilla.

  • 80%



    Beautiful city, lots to see and do. I went during East weekend and got to see some of the religious processions- very cool.

    Insider Tip:Go in the spring when the roses and botanic garden is blooming. You will be glad you did. Be sure to catch the flamenco show at the flamenco museum. It is worth it. Also they have a midnight Easter mass with programs in English, Spanish, and French. It is a very cool experience.

  • 80%


    Historical and easy to get lost in

    Really enjoyed my trip to Seville, the weather was fantastic and I liked that it's easy to get anywhere by foot through cute little side streets. The architecture is beautiful and go on a walking tour to discover heaps of interesting facts about the Spanish Inquisiton, Christopher Columbus and the Golden Age of Spain. Good for a few days though probably not for longer trips, although that's my personal opinion. Definitely include on a tour of Andalucia/Spain though!

    Insider Tip:Keep an eye out for the cafe behind 'The Mushrooms' - 40c beers!

  • 70%


    Simply a beautiful modern city

    Go to see the bridge at night. Play Espanya is beautiful. The Cathedral was breathtaking. It is quite expensive for budget travellers compared to Granada but they have many offers for students. It is quite hot here...remember to bring your sunscreen.

    Insider Tip:Be careful for the street. Many travellers got lost. It is hard to find your way back to the hostel even though you have a map with you.

Spain: Itinerary

The north-eastern Spanish city is among one of Europe's favourite destinations for short breaks and a popular spot with inter-railers going to Spain. It is also home to some of the world's most fascinating architecture thanks to the works of Antoni Gaudi.

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