Eating Out in Seville, Spain

There are restaurants all over Seville, ranging from expensive to budget and everything in between. Some of the best areas for dining out are Barrio Santa Cruz and Centro. Just make sure not to leave without visiting one of the tapas bars.

Restaurants in Seville

  • Puerta de la Carne

    Santa Maria la Blanca 36, Barrio de Santa Cruz, Seville, Spain

    With cuttlefish, prawns, hake and more variations to choose from, this restaurant in Barrio Santa Cruz is perfect for fish lovers. The seats outside fill up quickly, proving that it's an extremely popular place to eat. If you're having difficulty choosing what type of fish you fancy, opt for 'veriado' which is a selection of all the above and more.

    Open daily from 8.30pm-12.30am

  • La Mia Tana

    Calle Perez Galdos 24, Alfalfa, Seville, Spain

    Just seconds from the bars in Alfalfa, this pizzeria has over 30 pizzas to choose from with prices that are as easy to digest as the pizzas themselves. For those who don't feel like the Italian specialty there are a selection of pasta options on the menu as well as Mexican ones like quesadillas and burritos too.

    Open daily from 1pm-12.30am (until 2am Fri & Sat).

  • El Cordobes

    Santa Maria la Blanca 18-20, Barrio de Santa Cruz, Seville, Spain

    With a menu that consists of both tapas and 'bocadillos' (sandwiches), El Cordobes is a great budget option. They also have a hot 'dish of the day' and you can get paella here too.

    Open daily from 11am-1am.

  • La Parrilla de Maria de Colores

    Calle Perez Galdos 22, Alfalfa, Seville, Spain

    As Argentinean restaurants are famed for their steaks, you may be disappointed to see a lack of fillet steaks on the menu here. Steak (just not fillet) is still on the menu, as is chicken, pork, and beef. Make sure to leave some room for a pancake.

    Open daily from 8pm-2am.

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