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Visiting Shanghai

With its breathtaking skyline, fast-paced lifestyle, and endless attractions, Shanghai is one of Asia's most exciting cities. With a population of approximately 20 million people, it is China's largest city. This is quite something for a town that began its existence as a fishing and textiles town. And as modern as it looks, it is still a city which is steeped in history.

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Shanghai Podcasts

Only in Shanghai...

Hostelworld.com's Selina Tan speaks to different people in the Chinese city of Shanghai about things you can only find there, such as an area with many architectural styles known as 'The Bund' and more.

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Voice of the Chinese backpackers

Hostelworld.com asks a bunch of Chinese backpackers from Shanghai whether or not the recession is affecting them along with othe

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Shanghai City Reviews

  • 50%


    Pretty much just another big city

    It's like most big cities has a party district, shopping district, foreigner district etc. Also super expensive for pretty much everything places to stay. to eat, taxis, entries to clubs and so on. If you like to party this is as good as any city and they have a lot of foreigners here.

    Insider Tip:Learn to use to metro and know when the lines you use close and open so you don't end up needing a taxi

  • 80%


    Shanghai is a modern and cosmopolitan city , lots of shopping and activities, great public transports, but lack this chinese essence that we can find in other cities.

  • 70%


    Shanghai Lights

    You're close to people's square which has some major metro lines (1, 2 & 8) so you can access many areas with very little or no interchange

  • 70%



    Well, Shanghai is Shanghai ! I went there to visit friends, not really my type of city. Too international, too much English, but some sights worth seeing. Its a place that you kind of have to see once, but for me once is enough. Partying and shopping are pluses in this city.

    Insider Tip:Expect lots of English speaking people .

  • 80%


    An Adventure to Shanghai

    I decided to visit Shanghai on my way out of China and enjoyed everything about it! The foods, the sceneries, the foods, the culture, and did I mention the foods??? Seriously, if I had a really high metabolism and a thick wallet of red Chinese money, I'd eat everything from the traditional Shanghai street foods to the high end restaurants in exquisite locations - from the top of Pearl Tower to the historic European buildings of the French Concession. You will never grow bored in Shanghai.

    Insider Tip:Highly suggest bringing a face mask that can filter out PM2.5 particles as I had some episodes where breathing was difficult and even broke out with a skin rash at one point. And I'm not even allergic to anything! Definitely visit the French Concession and even dish out several 100 yuans to eat at some of the finest restaurants and clubs there. The money is really worth the atmosphere. Ohhh! One more thing! Be sure to dress a little better than casual when visiting! Tennis shoes are a no no.

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