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Visiting Shanghai

With its breathtaking skyline, fast-paced lifestyle, and endless attractions, Shanghai is one of Asia's most exciting cities. With a population of approximately 20 million people, it is China's largest city. This is quite something for a town that began its existence as a fishing and textiles town. And as modern as it looks, it is still a city which is steeped in history.

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Shanghai Podcasts

Only in Shanghai...

Hostelworld.com's Selina Tan speaks to different people in the Chinese city of Shanghai about things you can only find there, such as an area with many architectural styles known as 'The Bund' and more.

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Voice of the Chinese backpackers

Hostelworld.com asks a bunch of Chinese backpackers from Shanghai whether or not the recession is affecting them along with othe

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Shanghai City Reviews

  • 40%


    Interesting city - biased opinion

    My opinion is biased. Shanghai was my first stop on my first trip to Asia, so you have to keep in mind the culture shock and differences between where I come from, where I've been, and China. Shanghai is an interesting place. Exploring some of the local neighbourhoods was the best part for me. Getting to see local restaurants and stores, understanding the differences between the areas, and hunting for culture. The famous skyline and tourist destinations felt a little forced and contrived.

    Insider Tip:Get the people at your hostel to write in a paper for you, in chinese, whatever you might need (I am vegetarian and this SAVED me). Once you do that, getting lost, on and off train stations is the best way to see the city. Don't bother with the Maglev, its a waste of money and nothing special.

  • 100%


    City of Dreams

    Shanghai has everything, and plenty of all of it! Its an amazing city with an even more amazing nightlife, and you always meet the most amazing people! Just a great place to be!

    Insider Tip:Try to find promoters from Don Nico - if you're a foreigner, they can get you free entry and drinks in a lot of clubs :)

  • 80%


    Shanghai Old Town

    The city's old town shows architecture that is different and more reminiscent of Chinese culture, though it is still a very diverse and contemporary area. Wander the side streets and you'll find something interesting around every corner.

    Insider Tip:Be aware of the metro stops; the signs pointing out the available ones may not be the nearest ones.

  • 80%


    Oh Shanghai

    The city is very international, especially compared to others like Xi'an and Beijing. You can find mostly anything you want, just be sure to pack a deep pocket.

    Insider Tip:Metro ends at midnight, and taxi fares raise to nightly rates after 11. Wherever you go at night, be sure to keep that in mind.

  • 80%


    Complete city

    Shanghai is a city which is trying to balance it self. Amazing skyscrapers only few minutes away from the old alleys and beautiful gardens. Its a very seductive city which lures you to spend more and more and you have to hold your self. You may like it or hate it but the place has an identity that you can remember how it looks when you leave and the feeling that it gives.It also gives you what ever you want depending your mood. You also can say that you see how China will be after a few decades.

    Insider Tip:watch out for the scams in the peoples park and nanjing road. People will ask you first to help them take a picture or ask you stupid questions and then you will be invited to tea houses,"galleries" and end up with a bill of a few thousand yuan. Also if you are male solo traveler, at night in nanjing road you will be constantly harassed by pimps with the same conclusion.

China: Itinerary

Asian cities, and particularly Asian capitals, are wonderfully fascinating. The continent’s love affair with technology is evident in every city you go to, yet they all manage to maintain many of the characteristics which make them some of the most historical cities on the planet. Beijing is no different.

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