City Guide Siem Reap, Cambodia

Visiting Siem Reap

Meaning ‘Siamese Defeated’, Siem Reap is Cambodia’s most popular destinations with travellers thanks to its proximity to the country’s famed temples of Angkor. With a constant flow of travellers in the town, whether you are going to the temples or not it is a great place to visit.

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Siem Reap City Reviews

  • 80%


    If you're into historical stuff with a hint of merriment, then you need to check this country out!

    Siem Reap is an amazing city. It is rich in culture and the fact that its archaeological sites have been existent for a thousands of years is already a superb feat for me. You're stomach wouldn't be disappointed as well, in the heart of their city lies the Old Market where various types of restaurants can be seen. The price of goods is cheap, but you just have to get used to local people charging tourists with a higher price, thus it is up to you to bargain accordingly.

    Insider Tip:If you want to conquer the whole of Ankor, rent a Tuk Tok (local transportation) for 2 days. Take the big circuit on the first day, and the smaller circuit (finally of Ankor Wat) on the 2nd day. When you go to Ankor Wat, advise your Tuk Tok to fetch you at 5 am to catch the sunrise at Ankor Wat. YOU NEED TO CATCH IT! It is a remarkable view. If you have further bucks and time to spend, hire a car and go to Koh Ker and Beng Malea to see more awesome temples.

  • 100%


    Angkor Wot - duh

    That's why you're here. But there's also a score of other temples that are equally amazing. Make sure you have at least 3 days.

    Insider Tip:Angkor Wot at dawn is a MUST.

  • 60%


    Party City

    If you're not in Angkor Wat, you'll probably be on Pub Street getting drunk off the .50 cent beers. If not that, you'll be at Happy Herbal eating yourself into a self-induced coma. Those are the only two things anybody does in Siem Reap; kind of like going to New Orleans for only Mardi Gras . Siem Reap should be a three day-max stop with all three days spent at Angkor Wat and nights on Pub Street. The rest you can avoid. Simple as that.

    Insider Tip:Stay safe, work in groups, and don't get too messed up. Also wear comfortable shoes to Angkor Wat.

  • 80%


    A great place

    The township adjacent to the wonderful Angkor Watt sites. Cambodia is struggling with poverty but all the people were lovely. It was very hot and humid when we were there as the monsoons were late.

  • 100%


    Siem Reap, Cambodia

    A hidden gem, one of the best small towns I have ever been to and my favourite place in Cambodia so far. There is plenty to do such a shopping in the markets, eating at the many choice of restaurants in Pub St and the surrounding area, exploring the Angkor temples, and cooking classes

    Insider Tip:Hire a Tuk Tuk for the day to take you to see the temples. It should only cost no more than $15 all up. Don't jump on a tour bus, it's more fun to explore the temples on your own and climb up the narrow and steep steps to check out the views. Angkor Wat at sunrise might be a bit overrated when it is a cloudy day and their are many tourists around so don't feel like you have missed out if you miss the sunrise. Definitely also go check out the temples at Angkor Thom city and Ta Phrohm as a minimum.

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