City Guide Siem Reap, Cambodia

Visiting Siem Reap

Meaning ‘Siamese Defeated’, Siem Reap is Cambodia’s most popular destinations with travellers thanks to its proximity to the country’s famed temples of Angkor. With a constant flow of travellers in the town, whether you are going to the temples or not it is a great place to visit.

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Siem Reap City Reviews

  • 80%


    Definite place to see when in Cambodia

    Obviously people are flocking to Siem Reap for the Angkor Wat and it worth every penny. The complex is beautiful and the city offers a laid back atmosphere but still lively. I found the tuk tuk driver to be quite okay in English and very earnest (well, the one I met anyway). I thoroughly enjoy my trip there, too bad I only stay 1 night. If I have the chance again, would definitely go back to explore more of the city.

    Insider Tip:Go to Angkor Wat in the evening before they close to buy the ticket for the next day. Then the next day, go very early (before sunrise) to Angkor Wat to capture the beautiful moment when the sun rises above Angkor Wat.

  • 80%


    I loved it and will go back!

    Siem Reap was great! the temples were out of this world and the culture you get there is uncomparable! Locals are very nice and helpful, a lot people speak English and are very well educated! PLEASE DO NOT VOLUNTEER - if you haven't applied for a legal entity in advance, have filled out all the required paperwork , done background checks and have done it legally. DO NOT SUPPORT VOLUNTOURISM! DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST!!! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU SHOULD KNOW-

    Insider Tip:-You can get templed-out but just choose your days and times in advance. -Bargain EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE! never pay what they ask you for (unless it's a tkt to temples, museums, etc) -Don't give money to kids in the street. Pay attention because they try to get you to buy them milk to then re sale it. They come up with pretty good scams! -Nightlife is fun and really LOUD. lots of bros and drunk college girls but still fun. Cool Pub Crawl too.

  • 70%


    Small city, huge historical place.

    It's a very small town, you can cycle everywhere you go. People are warm. You can just have a laid back time during the day & party at night.

    Insider Tip:To avoid eat at the street due to hygiene condition, a decent meal at a restaurant cost you about 5 usd, some places you can get around 3 usd. If you are not rushing, I suggest to cycle around for Angkor Wat visit, instead of taking tuk-tuk, so that you can really spend your time & enjoy the temple tour. Bicycle rent cost 1 usd - 2 usd per day. Cambodian really particular about their usd note, make sure it's not crumple, scribbled, or tear (even less than 5mm!), or else they won't accept your money.

  • 100%


    Wonderful Place

    Out of all of the cities I've visited in SE Asia Siem Reap was definitely one of the best. The food was amazing as was the atmosphere and it was also really cheap. The people were the nicest out of every place I've visited and there's so much to do

    Insider Tip:We stayed at hotel 20th street, it's new but it's so good, the staff are amazing, there is a pool and the rooms were huge and really nice. Not far into the town on the tuktuk either

  • 70%


    Siem reap

    The City was awful, so touristic and so many awful tuk tuk drivers.... But the temples! They were amazing, I loved the whole area even though it was a bit expensive (20 dollar a day, and 40 for 3 days).

    Insider Tip:Use a bicycle around the temples if your in your in a bit shape. It's cheap, and you get some training out of it. But you also get sweaty.

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