City Guide Siem Reap, Cambodia

Visiting Siem Reap

Meaning ‘Siamese Defeated’, Siem Reap is Cambodia’s most popular destinations with travellers thanks to its proximity to the country’s famed temples of Angkor. With a constant flow of travellers in the town, whether you are going to the temples or not it is a great place to visit.

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Siem Reap City Reviews

  • 70%


    Siem reap

    The City was awful, so touristic and so many awful tuk tuk drivers.... But the temples! They were amazing, I loved the whole area even though it was a bit expensive (20 dollar a day, and 40 for 3 days).

    Insider Tip:Use a bicycle around the temples if your in your in a bit shape. It's cheap, and you get some training out of it. But you also get sweaty.

  • 40%


    Siem Reap is a gorgeous little place although the Angkor wat park is not particularly good value for money it's worth seeing (I had a 7 day pass) and you see what they do with all that money: restoring these amazing temples! I enjoyed getting an eBike and driving myself around because as a foreigner you can't hire a car or scooter here. I didn't mind the showers during rainy season but no point in watching sunrise or sunset, too cloudy.

    Insider Tip:eBikes! Silent and easy to get around with on your own terms, good value for money compared with a tuk tuk and more comfortable than Moto dup. Only bicycles are cheaper.

  • 90%



    The food in Cambodia looks a lot like Thai food but has some special dishes. Pub Street has an amazing offer of restaurants and has a very nie atmosphere. Cambodian BBQ is definitely must try! Cambodian beer is very good too.

    Insider Tip:Right across from "Ankor Whaat?" (a famous pub and club) at night there is a guy that sells noodles in a tiny kart with two tables next to it. The white noodles were one of the best dishes I had in my whole south east asia trip and they were like 1 USD. GREAT FOR AN AFTER PARTY CRAVING.

  • 70%


    Interesting, But Party City too Hyped Up.

    Exactly as the title says - too hyped up. Crazy young 20s backpackers looking for drinks while trying to get cultured with Angkor Wat.

    Insider Tip:Just pay for the tuk tuk - don't risk getting your passport/bag napped!

  • 90%



    LOVED this place, the staff were fantastic, the facilities outstanding and the overall vibe was so chilled and great fun. We loved pub street such a cool place to go out and the temples at sunrise are a MUST.

    Insider Tip:ask the bar man for an "eraser" - enough said.

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