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A city, island and country, Singapore is seen by some as the most important financial centre in South-East Asia, while others think of it as a sterile city where everything runs like clockwork. Both these assumptions aren't that far away from the truth. This may not paint the most colourful picture in the world though. But don't fret - there is a lot to see. Singapore has a beach to bask on, stores to shop in, sights to snap at, and some of Asia's most fascinating neighbourhoods.

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The Making of the Singapore Sling

Rizuan Smile, bartender in The Long Bar in Singapore's famous Raffles Hotel, tells Colm exactly what goes into the famous cocktail.

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Singapore - A video postcard

In this video you can see all Singapore has to offer.

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Singapore City Reviews

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    Wear comfortable shoes

    Singapore is an amazing city for a short break. It has an abundance of sights, attractions and beautiful places to relax, along with plenty of history and culture for you to absorb. Spend the days walking around Little India, Chinatown or the colonial district, or if you're feeling childish just head down to Sentosa for a fun day out. With the zoo and night safari as well, there's plenty to fill the day. The only issue with Singapore is the cost, it's very expensive by South East Asia's ways

    Insider Tip:Take advantage of happy hours at bars, you'll need the extra dollars! Kampong Glam is a great place full of cool bars for a drink. Wear comfortable shoes!

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    Singapore is cool

    Personally, I like Kuala Lumpur better if you're looking for a trip to this part of the world, as it's cheaper and has a lot of the same features, but with more character. Singapore is a great place to access all the first world amenities you could want, but in a tropical location. I live in Indonesia as an English teacher, so it's a place I make it to quite a bit. The Indian food there is excellent, and there are plenty of things to do.

    Insider Tip:Indian food!

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    A big shopping mall

    That country is a big shopping mall, if you like to shop, you will be in heaven. If you like architecture, you will be in heaven as well. Otherwise, you get bored pretty fast. You can go around the whole country in 2-3 days. Quite artificial westernized place if you ask me. People are not that nice since they are in a hurry to go working or shopping. Locals actually hang out in malls and go from one to the next all day. I guess it depends on what you like to do or see :)

    Insider Tip:Take a hop on / hop off pass that you can use with the Subway as well. If you smoke, buy smokes before getting there as it is quite expensive.

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    West inside East

    Singapore is a very Western first-world country. It is also small. Things run very well over there and the attractions are very good. It is very expensive for Asia.

    Insider Tip:If you're travelling around Asia, do you shopping here or in Hong Kong. They have more variety than the other countries and better quality.

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    Singapore as a model city: efficient, modern, energetic

    The city is used to diversity so you won't get as many stares compared to many other metropolis in Asia. The public transport is very orderly and convenient to use, with understandable instruction in English in each bus stops (unlike Tokyo or Seoul bus stops, for example). It has little to offer when it comes to outdoor/nature, but otherwise everything from museum to malls to the airport are very clean, modern, streamlined. Expect to hear a lot of Chinese language being spoken.

    Insider Tip:Prepare for the sun and humidity by escaping to indoor malls or museums at noon. Not everyone can speak or listen to English well, especially older citizens, but they're not rude, at least from my personal short trip experience. Prepare to bleed money, since it's not cheap place to visit and live in when compared to its neighbors Indonesia and Malaysia.

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