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A city, island and country, Singapore is seen by some as the most important financial centre in South-East Asia, while others think of it as a sterile city where everything runs like clockwork. Both these assumptions aren't that far away from the truth. This may not paint the most colourful picture in the world though. But don't fret - there is a lot to see. Singapore has a beach to bask on, stores to shop in, sights to snap at, and some of Asia's most fascinating neighbourhoods.

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The Making of the Singapore Sling

Rizuan Smile, bartender in The Long Bar in Singapore's famous Raffles Hotel, tells Colm exactly what goes into the famous cocktail.

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Singapore - A video postcard

In this video you can see all Singapore has to offer.

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Singapore City Reviews

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    Marina Barrage, and the super trees light show are definite highlights, as well as the roof top of marina bay sands. Very hot/humid, and extremely expensive compared to the rest of SE Asia.

  • 90%


    An encounter with Merlion: A trip to SG

    This is my first time in SG. Ive been looking forward for this trip. I didnt expect SG will be such a wonderful place. I feel like that it is my 2nd home. Getting around in SG is very easy easy. Everything is just an hour away. Very TOURIST FRIENDLY.

  • 80%



    The weather is strange here. Sometimes it is sunny, but most of the time it is cloudy. It rains every now and then, but then it can stop as suddenly as it began. Taxis are cheap and so are the food courts. However, drinking alcohol is so expensive, probably because of the taxes.

    Insider Tip:Botanic gardens are beautiful!

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    Singapore; better than expected.

    I warmed to Singapore after a few days or so, it must be said.It's still not my kind of place as it's far to consumerist & modern, however there is charm to be found.With such a diverse ethnic spread, the city is home to people from across the globe including a surprisingly large amount of western ex-pats, unsuprisingly some of the wealthiest of people within the country.With space to chill, thrill and spill, parks are well maintained and worth multiple visits.A tranquil escape from the bustle.

    Insider Tip:Take advantage of the cheap metro, buy the day passes as they save you a bomb!

  • 80%


    Singapore review

    Singapore is an unreal city but very expensive to party. drinks are ridiculously high like 70 bucks Canadian for 750ml of rum at a 7 11. If you are a design/ architecture student then go to Singapore because their urban planning and architecture is next level. spend some time looking at marina bay sands and the gardens by the bay and check out sentosa island. stay for a few days and explore. if you are just wanting to backpack and party then stay in singapore for a day or 2. you will go broke.

    Insider Tip:bring tons of money clubs will be 20-40 bucks a drink. subway closes at midnight. use subway for getting around not taxis unless its after midnight. its easy to use and dirt cheap.

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