Eating Out in Singapore

Singaporeans love to eat and the island has the reputation for being the food capital of South East Asia. Restaurants are everywhere in the city. Remember it is the food and not the surroundings that are important - you might often find yourself eating off plastic plates! Don’t worry however public health controls in Singapore are really strict so any food served is of the highest standard. Also check out the hawker stalls which is the best way to buy food in Singapore!

You will find cuisine from every country in the city but a typical Singapore menu items include chicken rice (a casserole of chicken, Chinese sausage, Chinese mushrooms and rice), carrot cake or chye tow kway (a type of vegetable omelette with chilli) and laksa (spicy coconut soup with quails eggs, prawns, chicken, bean curd, bean sprouts and noodles).

Restaurants in Singapore

  • Hawker Centres

    Various, Singapore, Singapore

    Dotted all over Singapore are 'hawker centres', or food centres, where a large number of stalls sell extremely inexpensive food. The city's best known one is Newton Food Centre (Newton Circus; open 24 hours) not far from Newton MRT station. If you're looking for one more central try Victoria Street Food Centre (143 Victoria St; open 24 hours).

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