Transport in Singapore

Transport from the Airport
Changi Airport is located to the East of the island. It is huge, laying host to over 50 airlines and linking Singapore with over 100 cities. There are two passenger terminals, which are connected by an automated Skytrain. You can get from the airport to the city center by bus or taxi. Airport buses operate every twenty minutes from 6.20am-12.30am and the journey time takes about 30 minutes. Tickets cost $5 for an adult and $3 for a child. A taxi into the city center will cost between £13-16 will a surcharge of 50% between 12.00am and 6.00am.

Public Transport
Singapore has a comprehensive transport system. Two companies operate buses in Singapore: Trans- Island Bus Service (TIBS) and Singapore Bus Services (SBS). Maximum fare is $1.10 for non-air conditioned buses and $1.40 for air-conditioned buses. Singapore also has a subway system known as the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). It operates daily from 6am to midnight. There are two main routes, the north-south line and the east-west line connecting 48 stations. Tickets will cost between 60c and $1.50. Maps and fare guides are on display in all stations. Transitlink Fare Cards can be purchased for $12, $22 or $52 and can be used on buses and MRT Trains.

Taxis can be hailed on the streets, one of the taxi ranks or booked over the phone. The starting fare is $2.40 for the first 1500m with 10c for every 250m thereafter. Be aware of surcharges especially the 50% surcharge between midnight and 6am. Taxi drivers do not tend to have good English so you should have your destination on a piece of paper for your own convenience. Most taxis are also air-conditioned and tips are not expected.

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