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Visiting Sorrento

Separating the Bay of Naples from the Gulf of Salerno, Sorrento is one of Italy’s most popular resorts. It is also one of the best places in Italy to take some time out to relax on the beach and enjoy the glorious views.

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Sorrento City Reviews

  • 60%


    Sorrento relative

    Calm and laid back but still a tad too touristy. There is no definitive 'wow' sights though I remember the Il Vallone dei Mulini (Deep Valley of the Mills) which is unique to Sorrento in the Amalfi.

    Insider Tip:The most scenic part of Sorrento is the bus trip out of Sorrento towards Amalfi. Watch the bus schedule though! While there are a couple of nice lookout points, they are mild compared to seeing Napoli from Castel Sant Elmo, or the dramatic hillside buildings in Positano. Sorrento also have cheaper accomodation options than the rest of the Amalfi.

  • 30%


    afternoon trip or startpoint for amalfi coast

    sorrento is really small in an afternoon you can see everything. the sunset is nice from marina beach because you can see the city. It's good to see if you stay just for one afternoon and evening. Or if you stay for more days it is good as a starting point to visit the amalfi cost which is well connected by bus.

  • 70%



    Good place but not good for having rest. Sorrento, Amafi cost, and Positano was super crowded in August. Still worth of visit if you like beautiful scenery and beach. Also you can visit Capri from here.

  • 50%


    It's just a tourist town.

    Just a town full of British tourists eating egg & chips and drinking in "Irish" pubs. If you want to see Italy, skip it!

  • 80%


    Expensive, but beautiful.

    Sorrento, famous for the providing accommodation for the rich and wealthy. But as a traveller on a budget, I loved it. Very different from Napoli, but has similarities within the culture. What can I say? I adore the place. From going to the coast and seeing breathtaking views, to cycling around on an old italian bike like the locals do, to having an incredible evening listening and watching street musicians and performers all while eating pizza, lemons and gelato. Bellisimo!

    Insider Tip:Just explore the place at your own pace, oh and expect to look for an hour or so just to find a meal less than €5. I recommend hiring a bike and cycling around, also explore the beaches but don't pay. There's about a stretch the size of my front drive which is public, the rest you have to pay for so just say you're walking around sightseeing and you should be able to get past the extortionate prices while seeing magnificent views

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