About Stockholm, Sweden

About Stockholm

Stockholm gives you the opportunity to do over a couple of hours which, in other destinations around the world, would take a number of days – island hop. Built over 14 main islands, you can mosey from one island to the other at your hearts content, and then hop on a ferry to take you to another.

You may have heard one way or another that it is one of the most expensive capital cities in Europe. While it isn’t as cheap as some of its counterparts, it certainly doesn’t rank along the likes of Oslo or even Paris in some cases.

One thing to remember, however, is that, while it has some world-class museums, and its Old Town is as picturesque as any in Europe, it pays a lot to see what else is to offer. Give some time to exploration and you’ll discover bars where the locals drink, sports which the locals follow, and restaurants where the locals eat.

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