Eating Out in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Eating Out

Unfortunately for the budget traveller, eating out in Stockholm can take its toll financially. The city is full of restaurants although many cater for a largely young and stylish clientele, meaning prices leave a lot to be desired.

Many chic, stylish and trendy eateries can be found in the equally stylish Sodermalm district, just south of the Gamla Stan. Many of these are lined up Gotagan, the island’s main thoroughfare. As it is the city’s tourist quarter, eateries in the Gamla Stan are geared towards tourists, although it does have some nice finds.

If you want to try some local delicacies during your stay in the Swedish capital, ‘Swedish meatballs’ is a good dish to start off on. But no matter what you order, something that will probably feature is loganberries.

Restaurants in Stockholm

  • Jensen's Bofhus

    Vasagatan 24, Vasastaden, Stockholm, Sweden

    This restaurant just a stone's throw from Stockholm's central train station is popular among locals. For between 40-60SEK you'll find something on the lunch menu that will keep you going for a few hours. Things get slightly more expensive in the evening but this is still a lot more reasonable than many other restaurants.

    Open daily from 11am-11pm.

  • Koh Phangan

    Skånegatan 57, Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

    This is one of Stockholm’s most unique and atmospheric restaurants. Inside the eatery are waterfalls, bridges, even crickets! The menu comprises of various South East Asian delicacies such as noodles and some very tasty Thai curries. And if you hear thunder and rainstorms when approaching don't let that put you off - it's done to enhance the atmosphere of being on the tropical island!

  • Birkastans Pizzeria

    Vikingagatan 16, Vasastan, Stockholm, Sweden

    If you are looking for value for money, the trek out to this restaurant in the Vasastan district just north west of the city centre is well worth it. The average price of a pizza is 60SEK and they are extremely tasty. What really attracts people to this pizzeria is the size of the pizzas – they are huge!

  • Cattelin Restaurant

    Storkyrkobrinken 9, Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden

    Cattelin, situated in Stockholm’s Old Town, is over 100 years old and has witnessed a lot since it first opened its doors. While it is in the heart of the city’s most touristy district, it is great value and the local cuisine served here is up with the best in the city.

  • Harry B James

    Regeringsgatan 47, Norrmalm (city centre), Stockholm, Sweden

    Named after an explorer, most of the delicacies on the menu hail from Mexico. There are traces of taco, salsa and guacamole in most things. And the jovial atmosphere makes it an enjoyable eating experience.

  • Bagare Henning

    Skånegatan 84, Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

    This vegetarian restaurant, which is renowned for its generous helpings, makes all its food it’s tasty as possible and is very resourceful with the ingredients used. Its rustic bread is a speciality also.

  • Kungshallen

    Kungsgatan 44, Östermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

    If your stomach is making some unusual noises but you don't know what you want to pass your lips to make them stop, hop on the T-bana to Hötorget and locate this place, Stockholm's largest food hall. There are 14 outlets that offer everything from sushi, to
    paninis, to kebabs.

    Open daily from 9am-11pm.

  • Sally's Bar

    Västerlånggatan 52, Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden

    Even though this warm Italian restaurant is located in the heart of the tourist-trodden Gamla Stan, their menu is laden with pizzas for 100SEK or less. Staff are friendly and, due to its location, a nice atmosphere prevails all day. En route to the toilet you'll notice it has a cellar bar too.

    Open Mon-Sat 11am-1am, Sun 11am-midnight.

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