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Visiting Sydney

While it isn’t the capital, Sydney is by far the largest and most extravagant of all of Australia’s cities. It has a population of four million people, busy streets, and imposing skyscrapers. It also has one of the most spectacular harbours in the world where you will find two of Australia’s most instantly recognizable landmarks. Just to make things even sweeter, within 20 minutes from the city centre you can sunbathe on one of the world’s most famous beaches. And while it has all the characteristics of a brash American city such as busy streets and imposing skyscrapers, there is something very homely about Australia’s largest city.

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At the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Spanning 503 metres (1.15km) long and taking over eight years to build, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in the world. Every day thousands of people cross it by train, on foot, or in car/bus, while some are lucky enough to climb to the top of it. In this podcast Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to Melissa Duane of 'Bridge Climb Sydney' to find out more about the bridge and how you can join the elite group of people who've climbed the bridge.

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How to save money in Sydney

Find out how to save money when eating out in Sydney and much more.

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Sydney Pocket Guide

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Sydney City Reviews

  • 90%


    Awesome place

    Sydney is a great city. Looks like most Europeain big cities, but has better wether. ;) You can get anything you want, plently of parks, pubs, resturants of all kinds, night clubs, museums, simply anything. It is also just cool to walk around the CBD (Central Business District) and cross the harbour bridge (Although there is not much on the other side, but it is worth the walk).

    Insider Tip:- Go to the "I am free" tours at 18:00 next to Circular Quay. It starts like school trips with history, but gets really interesting with stories about gangs from the time it was a prison colony and such. - The places that sell traveling trips have computers with internet that you can use for free.

  • 100%


    Australia is an awesome place to visit

    Sydney was awesome because of its public transport system. This made it extremely easy to get around. I found the people nice and very helpful. There were plenty of stuff for me to do. I feel like Sydney would be a cool place to live.

    Insider Tip:Take the train from the Airport to Central Station. Walk out and go across the street and stay at Wake Up! Sydney. Do not take the shuttle, it is a waste of time. The train is much quicker. Don't be afraid to walk around and explore the city, it is pretty easy to navigate. Make sure to plan a lot of adventures! Sydney has a lot of adventures but is light on sightseeing. Have fun!

  • 70%


    Summertime in Sydney

    So I've already left one review of Sydney on here, but cheers to number 2. Living in Sydney, I've started to get the hang out this place and am beginning to understand the inner workers of the city. Overall its a great city, loads of fun, but super expensive.

    Insider Tip:Check out the zoo, it's great.

  • 70%


    Get Some Sun in Sydney

    Sydney is a great city if you can look past the fact that it lacks in culture and character. There is a diverse population of people, in fact, CBD is predominately Asian. What Sydney lacks in character it makes up in activities. Spend the day walking from The Spit to Manly and exploring all the beaches outside the city, go to the famous zoo and see just about every animal you'd want to (for the price of $46AUD a ticket), or go to one of the worlds largest IMAX theaters on a rainy day!

    Insider Tip:Bondi is packed but can be fun if you're into that type of scene. If not, check out Coogee or Tama, you can walk there via the Coastal Walk which is brilliant even if you're not keen on going to the beach.

  • 100%



    Pet Koalas, eat Kangaroo, surf the amazing beaches, ride the ferry and explore the city on amazing transit! 2 weeks and I had the most amazing weather!

    Insider Tip:get a Opal card asap before you ride the trains or buses...you get a discount on fairs.

Australia: Itinerary

Sydney is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most spectacular cities in the world. Travelling north, the next city is Brisbane which is also worth a visit en route to Cairns. And with a hippified town and commercialised city in between, the trip between Sydney and Brisbane is one of the most varied in Oz.

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