About Sydney, Australia

About Sydney

Sydney, Australia’s oldest and largest city was founded in 1788 when Captain Phillip arrived in 1788 at Farm Cove, today just east of the Opera House, making it quite a young city. In 1901 Australia was federalized and Sydney became the capital of New South Wales, the state in which Sydney is situated. The city continued to develop throughout the 20th Century, enduring both World Wars and becoming an Allied military base during World War II.

During the 1970’s Sydney underwent extensive urban redevelopment while today it has all the traits of a world class city: the population is approaching five million people, it has a CBD (Central Business District) with a skyline rivalling many of America’s biggest cities and it played host to one of the greatest Olympic Games of modern times.

It is based on one of the world’s most spectacular harbours and a ferry ride at night time is one of the highlights of the city. Not many cities in the world have two of its most instantly recognisable landmarks right beside each other. You can’t beat the experience of sipping a coffee outside Sydney Opera House while admiring the Harbour Bridge at the same time.

Once the city becomes too much for you, and you feel like retreating to a more relaxed location, take your pick from some of the best beaches in Australia located in the eastern and northern suburbs.

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