City Guide Taipei, Taiwan

Visiting Taipei

With a population of approximately 2.6 million people, Taipei is not just the capital of Taiwan but also one of China’s provincial capital cities. It is a peculiar mix of old and new. On one part of town you can visit ancient temples whereas other parts are gleaming with neon lights.

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Taipei City Reviews

  • 80%


    clean, strategic and comfortable

    strategic. near to subway and taipei main station. very convenient to walk around the stay is clean and comfortable. but i think the soundproof may need to improve. can hear noise from outside the room or inside the room if somebody has closed the door or TV is somehow loud

  • 80%


    Very easy to get around.

    Get yourself an Easycard and go exploring. Even the buses have some English and everyone is so helpful.

  • 90%


    Taipei- Short trip 2D 2N

    Despite its status as capital city, Taipei resident is surprisingly warm people. Love the entire journey for that. I've come back to Singapore with pleasant memories.

    Insider Tip:Get you bike to travel in the city during spring time, is awesome! breezy wind at your face & save your time to explore more places.

  • 80%


    Taipei: uprising of the skyscrapers

    Nice city for everyone who likes big cities! Amazing metro system which is easy to use. You can definetly see that the city is still growing. More and more big and bigger skyscapers are build between the already existing buildings. I had the impression that it will once be kind of an Asian New York. It is already fascinitating just to walk through the streets and get an impression of the Taipei atmosphere.

    Insider Tip:Although it really is a tourist attraction and not really an insider tip: do not miss to climb the Elephant Mountain near Taipei 101. It takes ca. 15 minutes and you need to climb loads of stairs but the view of Taipei you get is amazing!

  • 90%


    Short but sweet

    I regret only staying in Taipei for 4 days because it was not enough time to really experience the lovely city. The people are so friendly and the city is so multi-faceted and beautiful. I really really miss the food- especially the fruit!! If you want to eat good food for cheap, Taipei is the place to go.

    Insider Tip:must visit: Addiction Aquatic Development! I know the name sounds strange, but the ambience is great. Food is so fresh and inexpensive!!

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