City Guide Taipei, Taiwan

Visiting Taipei

With a population of approximately 2.6 million people, Taipei is not just the capital of Taiwan but also one of China’s provincial capital cities. It is a peculiar mix of old and new. On one part of town you can visit ancient temples whereas other parts are gleaming with neon lights.

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Taipei City Reviews

  • 80%


    Visiting Taipei

    I wish I had more time to visit Taipei. I was in Taipei for 1 day and half since I was only stopping by to catch my flight. I was able to explore the Shilin night market. It is amazing and buzzing with so many people. Only con, is the weather. I am not used to such hot weather. (Not as hot as Kaohsiung though).

  • 90%


    coffee taipei

    i only stayed two days in taipei this time to meet friends and enjoy my quite time. Coffee is very good. and cheap eats is everywhere.

    Insider Tip:hand-brew coffee house is everywhere in taipei. there are two must-go coffee house in Ximending where they have more than 30years history (i think more than 30). they have good coffee bean too. cats cafe is also very popular not only in japan but also in taiwan. there are several cat cafes, and i would recommend the one near Roosevelt Avenue in the university area, and one i visited this time in songshan district, Cafe Ballet.

  • 100%


    City of Taipei - vibrantly, electrifying, and lovely city

    Taipei has one of the most electrifying night markets around the world. It not only has so many night markets around the city, it also has easy access to metro stations, Taipei 101, and some of the local clubs are $20 with drink-till-you-drop offering. Shopping, sightseeing, food, culture, friendly Taiwanese people, and everything about Taiwan is just excellent and unique in every possible way. Highly recommended to visit from North to South, and East to West of Taiwan.

    Insider Tip:Extremely friendly and eager to help local Taiwanese people made the Taiwan standing out the most. No conning your $ on the taxi nor the pressure of shopping and bargaining. Clubbing are nice, but allowing smoking inside the club made a bad tactic for my personal opinion.

  • 100%


    Foodie Paradise.

    Go to Taiwan if A) You love food B) You love dogs C) You love nature D) You love culture/tradition

    Insider Tip:Use Tinder to make friends - locals are keen on meeting foreigners!

  • 60%


    Ideal for a short stay

    I stayed for 8D7N in Taipei and was running out of things to do by the 3rd day. Shopping wise you'll probably get better deals at the alleys in the Eastern Shopping District @ Zhongxiao Dunhua for young adults. The fashion offered at Wufenpu and Ximending are more catered towards teenagers. Food at the nightmarket is relatively cheap and nice too.

    Insider Tip:If you intend to go clubbing, some clubs at Hsin Yi District (the hottest clubbing district in Taipei) offers a lower price or even free entry for ladies on Wednesdays. However with that said, the clubs during Wednesday nights could be relatively empty as it's still a workday. For a better clubbing experience, go during fridays or saturdays.

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