City Guide Taipei, Taiwan

Visiting Taipei

With a population of approximately 2.6 million people, Taipei is not just the capital of Taiwan but also one of China’s provincial capital cities. It is a peculiar mix of old and new. On one part of town you can visit ancient temples whereas other parts are gleaming with neon lights.

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Taipei City Reviews

  • 90%


    6th time in Taipei

    A very pleasant city to be in. Modern which means wifi/3G everywhere (who can live without these days), yet if you just step a little beyond, the old world charm is all around. People are more pleasant than in other major Asian cities (HK/SG). Food is affordable. Street food is cheap, restaurants are of course a little pricier but set meal portions almost always are big enough to share. Train travel allows for lovely day trips out. Try Keelung, Hsinchu for very manageable day trips,

    Insider Tip:Elephant mountain is a great way to see the 101.

  • 100%


    1.000 Things to do and see in and around the city

    Taipe is a nice travel location. Prices are cheap and there is much to see in and around the city. You can choose to go into the mountains and deep into nature or in the city center for a shopping trip!

    Insider Tip:do go to the hot springs ! the public ones are really nice and you will get to know other travellers!

  • 90%


    Awesome city!

    Taipei is large, but feels smaller. There's a more easy-going vibe compared to other big cities. The people are genuinely nice and Taiwanese food is amazing. Getting around the city is very easy with great public transit systems that are always prompt, clean, and air-conditioned! You can book trains online and have them printed out at a convenience store. I actually would have liked to spend more time in Taiwan.

    Insider Tip:Carry smaller money with you as many inexpensive food stands don't have a lot of change. Bring an umbrella or poncho as it rains quite often (even though it's very humid and hot). Wear mosquito repellent and reapply frequently as mosquitoes are quite vicious there.

  • 80%


    Taipei, Taiwan

    Locals are really friendly and open to tourists. Love how they would go the extra mile to help the tourists, very polite and thoughtful people.

    Insider Tip:There aren't many bins around. Make sure you bring a plastic bag along with you just in case you can't find a bin! Don't be afraid to ASK! The locals are really helpful and friendly.

  • 100%


    Taipei, city that WILL become a city of sin.

    Taipei is like the quiet kid in the back of the classroom that everybody overlooks until that one fateful day. That fateful day of inviting him to a party and encountering one of the most craziest, obnoxious, and drunken idiots you know. That is Taipei. Rich in both culture and things to do, you will never be remotely bored. I did two sightseeing attractions and the rest became history (mainly because of the blackouts). There is a thing as partying too hard. Visit Taipei and find out.

    Insider Tip:Buy an Easypass to save yourself money on extended stays, make friends because everyone is friendly, expats here are mildly better than other places, and don't be afraid to try the weird looking foods!

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