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Visiting Taupo

A town and region with a vast and varied cultural, historical and geographical past, Taupo is a fascinating destination which presents you with a host of wonderful attractions and will leave you promising to come back for more.

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Taupo City Reviews

  • 80%


    Taupo - lovely destination, beautiful lake!

    Taupo is a beautiful little town on the border of an amazing lake. I've been there twice and loved it! So much going on in the city. Try to a boat trip on Sail Fearless. It's one of the best cheap experiences you can have in New Zealand! :-) And skydive Taupo with their stretch limousine is so much fun!

    Insider Tip:Try to a boat trip on Sail Fearless, the pirate ship. It's one of the best cheap experiences you can have in New Zealand! :-)

  • 70%


    Adventure capital of the North Island

    Taupo is a great city, with tons to do and a very central location great for exploring the area. There are some great free walks in the city (check out the natural hot springs on Spa road), and some of the best sky diving in New Zealand. The lake is beautiful and the mountains in the background are perfect. Highly recommend!

    Insider Tip:Get a free thermal hot springs experience right off of the tramping trail going to Haka falls. Just take Spa Road and turn left just past the bugee jumping. Follow the signs until you get to the river and see the steam!

  • 70%



    Great city for outdoor experiences, close to geothermal, lake, walking and cycling sites and more happening than Rotorua

    Insider Tip:Lake Rotoponamou on the other side of the lake (Take national park road) is a great walk.

  • 80%


    Tongariro Day-Trip

    Taupo is a lovely place to walk around for a bit but the best bit for me was the day trip to the Tongariro Crossing. I can see why it is the most popular day walk in NZ. We got snow, volcanic areas, beautiful lakes, scrubland and forest areas.

    Insider Tip:Instead of paying NZ$55 each for a return trip with a tour company just organise a few people in the hostel and rent a car/minibus. Only takes 80mins to get there. Then just one of you get the shuttle bus to the start (NZ$25) and come and pick everyone up. (Even better just ask around and ofer to share petrol with whoever is going, theres bound to be someone!)

  • 50%


    Tempting Taupo

    Taupo is a lovely little town with plenty to do and a sense of hospitality I haven't yet seen elsewhere in New Zealand. On our long weekend my partner and I managed to visit Taupo hot springs, the botanical gardens, huka falls, craters of the moon. We also managed to hike up mount Tahara and enjoy the lovely walks around the river. Yet we still missed out on so much. Taupo also has a few shops which are worth visiting in town. But your time is better spent exploring or participating in the wide variety of activities which are offered in and around Taupo. For dinner skip the American fast food chains with line the river front (and make it look ugly) and opt for a local run cafe in the centre of town. A big thank you to the lovely staff at craters of the moon, and also the staff at Taupo bungy who offered us a lift home in the rain, even though we haven't even jumped!

    Insider Tip:My advice to any visiting Taupo would be to ditch the car for a day or two and get your walking boots on. We could have seen both Huka falls and craters of the moon in half a day had we had a car. It was a good job we didn't....... we would have missed out on so much. One day we set off at 9.30 from town and Hiked up to Huka falls and craters of the moon. The journey took us through hot springs where tourists in the middle of winter were stripping off to bathe in the warm water, past Taupo bungy jump where we watched for an least an hour people jumping off the beautiful mountain top and not too mention the different people you meet along the way. The journey took all day but was more than worth while.

New Zealand: Itinerary

New Zealand is one of the most popular countries in the world among backpackers. It is famed for its awe inspiring scenery thanks to an array of mountains, glaciers and lakes. If you like adrenaline sports this is one of the best countries in the world to do them. And as it is divided between a north and south island, not many countries in the world are as diverse as this one.

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