Things To See in Taupo, New Zealand

Its location in one of New Zealand’s most beautiful regions means that there is certainly no shortage of things to see or do while you are there. Its location on a thermal belt makes it particularly spectacular and when you are there, these particular attractions are unavoidable. The main areas in which to see the boiling mud, the silica terraces and the geysers are in the Wairakei Park and Orakei Korako and a visit to either is guaranteed to impress. You can also swim in naturally hot pools and enjoy a massage while you’re there. A little bit easier on the body and mind than what you’re about to read and the perfect way to unwind.

As well as the thermal activity and attractions, however, the town is gaining increasing popularity thanks to the host of activities available. Taupo is home to the largest fresh water lake in the southern hemisphere (a volcanic crater in fact) and it is this lake which provides so many of the leisure activities in the area, but it is not the only thing. The town is rapidly becoming recognised as a centre for adventure sports of all kinds. Many of these do take place in the lake but others including bungy jumping, skydiving, flightseeing, ballooning, white water rafting, quad driving and paintballing. Those which do take place in the lake are usually not quite as traumatic and include fishing, of course, jet boating, parasailing, kayaking and windsurfing as well as many more.

As you can see, your visit to Taupo will be nothing if not action packed. All you have to do is ensure that you allow yourself enough time to fit everything in.

Attractions in Taupo

  • Taupo Bungy

    202 Spa Road, Taupo, New Zealand

    One of the leading adventure companies in the country, take the plunge from forty-seven metres above either by yourself or in a tandem jump. You can also land in the water below if you want an extra thrill and a selection of photographs, videos and t-shirts are available for purchase so you can quell any doubts the folks back home might have.

  • Taupo Hot Springs

    State Highway 5, Napier Taupo Highway, Taupo, New Zealand

    This attraction offers the ultimate thermal experience in the amazing surroundings of a natural thermal valley. A selection of private pools, outdoor pools, massage therapy, a hot waterslide and much more combine to ensure that you will leave the springs invigorated and refreshed and vowing to do that type of thing again.

  • Taupo Tandem Skydiving

    Taupo Airport, Taupo, New Zealand

    The first tandem skydiving company in New Zealand and now the largest in the world this is certainly not an attraction for the faint hearted – unless exiting a plane between six thousand and fifteen thousand feet sounds like your average day out. Following your exit you will parachute over Lake Taupo and the snow capped volcanoes.

  • The Hidden Valley - Orakei Korako Geyserland Resort

    494 Orakei Korako Road, Taupo, New Zealand

    Situated about twenty-five minutes north of Taupo this without doube one of the most beautiful regions in the country. You will begin your journey by crossing the Waikato river and once you reach the other side you will explore geysers, springs, and some of the largest silica terraces on the planet. As well as this check out the Ruatapu Caves where the ancient Maoris once resided.

  • Rock 'n' River Whitewater Rafting

    203 Puanga Street, RD1, Taupo, New Zealand

    Just one of a host of companies offering whitewater rafting this one is particularly good value and includes a walk to Puketarata Falls, refreshments and a swim in one of the natural hot pools as well as rafting trips on a variety of rivers. Also caters for everyone’s needs so if you are concerned about your lack of experience, don’t be as you will be well looked after.

  • Topgun Paintball

    Karapiti Road, Wairakei Park, Taupo, New Zealand

    An attraction for everyone as it’s a little bit more ‘laid back’ than many of Taupo’s adrenaline sports. There is a minimum of six players and booking is essential but you’re guaranteed a brilliant time as you attempt to knock out your opponents.

  • Taupo Quad Adventures

    State Highway 1, Taupo, New Zealand

    If you feel like exploring the native bush and forest trails then look no further than Taupo Quad Adventures where full training is provided and you also have a guide in case you’re worried about heading off the beaten path. An excellent way to spend three hours and to see the native countryside.

  • Punch's Place

    Boat Harbour, Taupo, New Zealand

    For a host of activities including parasailing, water skiing and wakeboarding as well as lake fishing, lake cruises, fly fishing and hunting this is where you want to look. They also organise self-drive boats and overnight charters. So, if it’s water sports you’re after, look no further.

  • Huka Jet

    Wairakei Tourist Park, Taupo, New Zealand

    Lasting a mere thirty minutes, this is the ride of your life where you travel right up to cliff edges and the base of the Huka falls as well s enjoying the full 360 degree spins which are included in your journey. An exhilirating way to see one of New Zealand's most popular natural attractions.

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