Transport in Tel Aviv, Israel

Getting There
The airport is 12 miles (20 km) southeast of Tel Aviv and 31 miles (50 km) northwest of Jerusalem. Information counters are in the main hall and the departure hall. The Israeli Government Tourist Office information desk is in the arrivals hall.

Travelling from the airport to the city centre you can take a taxi for approx. shekels ($16.00), a shared taxi or sherut for about 30 shekels ($10.00) or a bus for approx. 15 shekels ($3.00). The Egged bus (National Israel Bus) number 475 departs every 20 minutes to the central bus station. From here it is a short taxi ride to anywhere in Tel Aviv.

Most car rental companies also have a desk at the airport and at all major hotels in Tel Aviv.

From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem the easiest way to travel is by shared taxi (sherut) and the fare will be approx. 40 shekels ($8.00) with a trip time of approx. 45 minutes.

Getting Around

The easiest way to get around Tel Aviv is on foot or by taxi. There are normal taxis and shared taxis or sheruts which work out cheaper.

These are vans with 9 to 11 seats which operate on fixed routes, charging slightly less than the buses on those same routes. They are easily recognized, with markings being red with white or with white and yellow. The route number is displayed at the front left of the van’s window

While the Egged Bus Cooperative [i.e., drivers are members and shareholders] operates the inter-city routes and the lines in most other cities, the dominant company in Tel Aviv and most of the surrounding communities is the Dan Bus Cooperative.

Dan Bus Information: Tel. 639-4444 (Hebrew voice menu. Wait on the line for a person to pick up. Most operators speak English.)
Egged Bus Information (inter-city): Tel. 694-8888 (Recording in Hebrew and English until picked up. Most operators speak English.)

One-day pass ["khofSHI yoMI" - "free daily"]: From 9:00 am until the end of the day, such passes are valid for unlimited travel on Dan buses from Jaffa to the Yarkon River (in other words, not including Ramat Aviv, which includes the university, Eretz Israel Museum, and Beth Hatefutsoth). They are not valid for travel into Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Bat Yam, and Holon. The cost is less than two single fares.

Multi-trip tickets ["kartisiYA"]: A punch card for 10 fares plus one free fare.

Hours: Sunday through Friday, most lines start about 5:15 am. Except Friday, the main ones in Tel Aviv run until midnight (1:00 am during the summer), but some stop earlier in the evening. If planning to return from a late-evening engagement, ask in advance when the service stops.

On Friday, service stops about one hour before sunset, when the Jewish Sabbath begins, and recommences only after sunset on Saturday evening (a few do not run on Saturday evening, but the major ones do). The same is true for holiday eves and the holidays.

Inter-city trains serve Tel Aviv from the terminal at Arlozorov St., bordering Ramat Gan (Buses 12, 18, 61, 62, 55, 66). There is a second (limited) terminal (Shalom Road/Derekh HaShalom) next to the Azrieli Center.

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