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It’s hard to think of a city as fascinating as Tokyo. And calling it a ‘city’ doesn’t do it justice. This is a metropolis that encompasses a collection of mini-cities, each with their own intriguing attributes. You have the bright lights of Shibuya, the eclectic people of Harajuku, the electronic gadgets of Akihabara, the hedonism of Roppongi, and the craziness of Shinjuku. This is one of the world’s great cities with more to offer than most places. And while some parts may not suit everyone’s taste, there isn’t an area that will fail to excite you.

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The Old and the New

There are many things that you can only find in Japan, and two of these are types of accommodation - ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) and capsules. To learn more about them, Colm speaks to Kunio Koike of Homeikan, one of Tokyo's few traditional ryokans, and Toshikazu Odaijma of Capsule Inn Akihabara.

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In a capsule hotel

Get a feel of what it's like to stay in a capsule hotel

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Tokyo Pocket Guide

Download our free pocket guides for cities all over the world that are packed with money-saving tips and more.

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Tokyo City Reviews

  • 80%


    A city you can visit over and over again

    Nothing much new can be said about Tokyo, and by large you'd have to really explore it yourself. It will take more than one trip! Being one of the great megacities of the world, if you are strapped for time, visit the places that make it so - Akihabara, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, Ginza, etc. Tsukiji market is always interesting - but if other parts of Japan make up your itineary, in all honesty the temples, parks, and 'traditional' japanese places in Tokyo will pale in comparison.

    Insider Tip:Once you get in, get a PASMO card from one of the vending machines at any subway/train station - makes it easier for you to not have to figure out machines at different stations. For simple data uses (maps, whatsapp, google searches), if you are travelling solo get a 14-day SIM Card at around 3000yen - in a big group, rent a pocket wifi. Data is your friend when searching for train directions.

  • 80%


    Tokyo, the tale of many suburbs.

    Tokyo varies a lot depending where in it you go. Being a geek from Melbourne I found Asakusa and Ahihabara to be very much to my liking, where as avoided Ginza and its expensive restaurants almost completely. Harajuku and Shibuya is a must see if fashion is your thing, just make sure you let yourself go into the back streets of Harajuku. I also found Tokyo to be quite safe to walk around in the evenings, which was very pleasant in mid-spring (and allowed you to dodge a lot of the crowds.)

    Insider Tip:You can eat quite cheaply if you stick to the local cuisine. I often had tasty and filling meals for under $20aud, including alcohol. Also, data sims are life savers for navigation as paper maps don't cut it, just check for excess data charges.

  • 100%


    Modern and quirky big city

    The place is mesmerizing with everything cute and unique . Beware of your wallet. And I'm not talking about pickpocket :)

    Insider Tip:Allocate at least 5days in Tokyo. Since many things to explore surrounding the city like Gotemba outlet, Disneyland resort that take at least a day to visit. I only stayed 4days, with 2 days spent at Gotemba and Disneyland. 2days is definitely not enough.

  • 80%


    Best city in the world

    In Tokyo everything functions perfectly and everything is clean. People are extremely considerate here so you better mimick their behaviour asap. It's a capitalists paradise you can buy anything you want, everywhere and even things you didn't even thing that existed. There isn't much to sightsee except some parks and maybe museums if you like that. You just watch the city and go shopping or dining here. You need at least 5 full days here, don't even bother with less.

    Insider Tip:COME WITH AN EMTPY SUITCASE. You will regret if you don't have enough space to bring home stuff. Also get an "IC" card (Suica or passmo) it will save you a lot of time and trouble.

  • 90%


    a Fabulous city you must visit

    Tokyo is surrounded by railways. however, it will always surprise you at some time during your journey, it could be waitress's warm welcome and farewell. a delicious meal you have never tried, just walk in Tokyo, and you will always find what you want.

    Insider Tip:take care of the local weather

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