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Visiting Valencia

Basking in over 300 days of glorious sunshine every year, Valencia is a city that boasts more than just one of Europe's most enviable climates. This city on Spain's Costa del Azahar has one of the country's best preserved city centers, Europe's largest urban complex and is only minutes from the beach. As it is the third largest city in Spain it is also a city that seldom sleeps, with a heap of bars and restaurants located in the vibrant 'Barrio del Carmen' district.

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Valencia Pocket Guide

Valencia Pocket Guide

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Valencia City Reviews

  • 70%


    A relaxed weekend!

    Valencia is a very beautiful city. Also definitely a big plus is that it is not as touristic as Madrid and Barcelona so it is much more relaxed there and you can just enjoy yourself. Just walk along the dried river bottom and visit the big beaches and I think you will see it too! Also you will not need public transportation (which is also not too good) since everything (except the orange fields) is in the centrum.

    Insider Tip:Eat a lot of oranges - oh my god they are amazing there! A lot of shops and restaurants have siesta so you better get used to the spanish meal times.

  • 90%


    Beautiful city! I had expected to spend my three days on the beach, but there was so much to do I only spent a few hours there. Everything is in a reasonable walking distance which helps.

    Insider Tip:Walk along the old riverbed which is now more like a garden.

  • 40%


    Boring in the week

    Went Monday to Wednesday so my fault. I am sure it is good on the weekends to go out for a drink, but when I went during the week there wasn't much going on. Some live music bars were open but not too late.

    Insider Tip:If you are after food at 5am there is a fast food place at Carrer de L'Espasa, 46003 which is open. Nothing else is as far as I could find

  • 70%



    Not the place to go if you want to see old Roman ruins or other evidence of the past. Aesthetically modern city compared to the other cities in Spain.

    Insider Tip:Get a bike and explore the city. Fastest way to get around and see everything then head to the beach.

  • 80%


    Historic, charming and down to earth

    Valencia is a little off the battered tourist beaten track but well worth the visit. This is the region where paella actually comes from (particularly rabbit paella) and it's jam packed with awesome restaurants, delicious bakeries and friendly people.

    Insider Tip:Don't necessarily eat at the tourist heavy restaurants, pick smaller places full of locals for a more authentic experience. Rabbit paella is the traditional dish of the city and well worth trying - but be warned, it's a pretty salty dish. Best way to see the city is by bicycle and there's kilometres of green bike ways to meander down.

Spain: Itinerary

The north-eastern Spanish city is among one of Europe's favourite destinations for short breaks and a popular spot with inter-railers going to Spain. It is also home to some of the world's most fascinating architecture thanks to the works of Antoni Gaudi.

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