Eating Out in Valencia, Spain

Valencia Eating Out

When eating in Valencia you must remember two things. First of all don’t plan on getting comfortable in a restaurant until the small hand is at ten as most restaurants open for lunch but shut their doors again around 3pm, not to open them again until 9pm. Secondly, acquaint yourself with some Spanish delicacies as many restaurants serve nothing else.

The most famous of these local culinary delights is paella. Valencia is the birthplace of it, largely due to the fact that the outskirts is where you will find hundreds of rice fields, something unusual for a European city. Paella has many variations but Valencia is where you can treat yourself to traditional paella, with rice, chicken and rabbit being the staple ingredients.

There are restaurants scattered throughout the city centre, but the highest concentration of eateries is in the Carmen district. Calle del Mar just off Plaza de la Reina has a good selection of places to refuel, as does Calle Caballero to the west of Plaza del Virgen. If you’re looking for something a little kinder to your pocket there are fast food joints laced throughout the city centre.

Restaurants in Valencia

  • Sagardi

    San Vicente Márti, 6, Valencia, Spain

    The method in this tapas bar is simple – take your pick from the selection of tapas served on baguette slices (each with cocktail stick) from the glass counter. Bring to your table to enjoy. Once you’re done bring your plate and your cocktail sticks to the counter to pay. At a euro a portion your bill won’t be big.

    Open daily from 9am-midnight.

  • Al Pomodoro

    Calle del Mar, 22, Valencia, Spain

    This pizzeria has numerous attributes as to why it should be visited. It is located in the centre of Valencia, its décor is creates extremely surroundings and its lengthy price list is more than affordable. Starting at €5, they are rather tasty and brought to your table by friendly, attentive staff.

    Open daily from 2pm-4pm and from 9pm to midnight.

  • La Riuá

    Calle Mar, 27, Valencia, Spain

    There are many places where you can sample paella in Valencia but, as this is it's home, some are quite touristy and quality isn't so good. But this restaurant (which you may need to book in advance) is known for top quailty food at decent prices.

    Open daily from 9pm-midnight

  • Mercado Central

    Plaza Mercado, 6, Valencia, Spain

    Valencia's most colourful food market is one of the largest in Europe and has been since it opened in 1928. Closest to the entrance is the colourful, energetic fruit market where you can pick up fruit to keep you going for the day. Before you leave take a walk around the fish market which is another feast for the senses.

    Open Mon-Sat 8am-12.30pm

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