Entertainment in Valencia, Spain

Valencia Entertainment

Similar to Valencia’s northern counterpart Barcelona, the lamp-lit streets of Valencia don’t get busy until after 11pm. Then once the clock strikes midnight the city is in full swing, with bars to cater for all tastes.

The most vibrant part of Valencia is the Barrio del Carmen district, and in particular Calle Caballeros and the side streets which branch off it. Other areas that tend to be populated by the city’s nightowls include the areaw around Plaza Canovas and the city’s university, although both of these aren't as central as Barrio del Carmen.

Valencia is renowned for its festivals and two of Spain’s best-known take place in the city centre and just outside. The first of these is Las Fallas, a celebration of San José (St Joseph) in March. Celebrations take place throughout the month but the third weekend is when the main festivities take place. ‘La Tomatina’ is the other festival Valencia is known for, even though it takes place in a Buñol 45 minutes from the city centre. This is the festival where people destroy each other with tomatoes for the day.

Entertainments in Valencia

  • The Lounge Café-Bar

    Calle Estamiñería, 2, Valencia, Spain

    There is always something going on in this Irish-run bar. Monday is 'language night', Tuesday is student/quiz night while Wednesday night is half-price cocktail night. Make sure to drop in between 8.30pm and 9.30pm which is happy hour every day.

    Open daily from 9.30pm-1.30am.

  • La Claca

    Calle San Vicente, 3, Valencia, Spain

    Sometimes it is the sounds of the 80s that keep its occupants on the dancefloor. Other times it is 'indie' music that entertain this large bar's revellers. It's not always music though as this bar is renowned for its café-theatre which is staged regularly. Something for everyone!

    Open daily from 6pm-3am.

  • Bar Negrito

    Plaza Negrito, Valencia, Spain

    Bar Negrito is one of the Carmen's most popular hangouts and, during summer months, the crowd regularly spill out on to the square of the same name. The crowd is young, the atmosphere is lively, and the drinks flow until early in the morning. Everything you want, really.

    Open daily from 6pm-3am.

  • Turmix

    Calle Dr. Chiarri, 8, Valencia, Spain

    Located deep in Barrio del Carmen district, Turmix has a different theme every night and is where the locals go to party until the early hours. Each night has a different theme so one could be house and the other could be drum n bass. It's tough to locate but search hard and you'll find it.

    Open daily from 10pm-4am.

  • Latex

    Avda. Constitución, 29, Valencia, Spain

    'Latex' is regarded by many as the best club in Valencia. House music is what blares from the speakers (generally) until the early hours of the morning.

    Open Fri & Sat 10pm-5am.

  • Finnegan's

    Plaza de la Reina, 19, Valencia, Spain

    Valencia's token Irish bar in the centre of the city is more expensive than other bars in the city but it attracts a lot thirsty English speakers people making it a good place to meet people.

    Open daily from 12 noon-1am/3am.

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