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Visiting Venice

It’s a phrase used all too loosely when describing so many cities around the world, but there really is nowhere else on earth like Venice. Built on 117 small islands, 150 canals flow through the city centre and each and every one will have you grabbing for your camera. While its streets can be incessantly busy, something will urge you to propel yourself through as many of them as possible. It can be unashamedly expensive, but eat and drink where the locals do and a visit there won't be as costly as you think.

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Venice Pocket Guide

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Venice City Reviews

  • 80%


    Venice, Italy

    Venice is a good place to visit. When I went there, it was carnival there. It was fun, you could see people dressed up, and take pictures with them.. The food in there is really good, the people there are really fun and polite, and the accessibility to places there is also really good.

    Insider Tip:If you want to buy something, don't buy at the first place you see, because you will find the same thing, for a much cheaper price if you walk towards the areas that aren't too "common", like instead of buying something in the canal, go inside the city to buy it.

  • 90%



    Venice is lovely! There are a lot of places to visit. The city is beautiful, clean, cultural, perfect!

    Insider Tip:If you really need to take the water bus I recommend to check the VeneziaUnica City Pass. They have some passes that includes the public transport and it can be cheaper.

  • 100%


    Breathtakingly beautiful

    Venice is a place where you enter a completely different world, a beautiful break from the everyday life that u wish would never end. There s always an unexplored part of the city to visit, and the satisfaction in discovering the most hidden parts for an adventurous tourist is exhilarating :) City of culture, with art, monuments, music, city of intercultural exchange, city of respect, but mostly city of love... I ll just say I left my heart in Venice... Gotta go once again and take it back!

    Insider Tip:Be ready for The adventure!

  • 60%


    I'm glad I went to Venice so I don't have to go back. Everyone there was very friendly, don't get me wrong, but it was so crowded that it took away from the experience. There wasn't anything particularly spectacular about the place. Definitely recommend going to St. Mark's Basilica and grabbing a snack at one of the cute restaurants on the square. We also enjoyed walking the "back streets" that weren't on the main streets. It just seemed a bit overrated, in my opinion.

    Insider Tip:Don't try and walk these streets with your luggage unless you are staying within 5-10 minutes walk from the train station.

  • 80%



    Absoloutely one of my favorite cities! It was fairly easy to get around and everyone was extremely friendly. Absoloutely gorgeous!!!

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