About Venice, Italy

Built on over 115 islands that are divided into two main sections by the aptly named Grand Canal, Venice is one of the most photographed, filmed and famous cities in the world. It is almost one of the most unique. You won’t find any traffic jams here (at least not on land) as cars and motor vehicles are banned from the city centre. This is what makes it one of the most visited cities on the planet.

While this is a city made for walking, you won’t mind putting your strollers to the test as Venice is a melange of Byzantine, Goth and Renaissance architecture, making it particularly memorable for those of you who appreciate this type of thing. Add to this the fact that it was the unrivalled trade centre between Europe and the Orient for over four hundred years which has also led to a fascinating mix of cultures and traditions.

Granted, it’s overrun by tourists all year round, but the city is most precious of all to its natives. It faces many problems, namely the fact that it is sinking at a rate of approximately 2½ per decade, but serious work has been taking place over the last decade to combat these problems. In 1993 the canals were dredged extensively and state money is currently being pumped into the city in an effort to save it from ruin and to encourage the aforementioned natives to stay. As well as this, all of the problems which have been outlined largely go unnoticed by visitors to Venice and you will be no exception. When you catch your first glimpse of this remarkable destination you’ll see what we mean. Nothing could possibly mar your opinion of how wonderful it is.

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