Entertainment in Venice, Italy

As one Venetian once divulged, “the buildings in Venice weren’t built to have discos going on in them until the early hours of the morning”. He had a point. Venice can be an extremely quiet city after dark. Walking through its labyrinthine streets at night, it’s hard to believe they are the same streets you walked through during the day.

If you are intent on finding some action after sunset, Campo Santa Margherita is where to set your sights on. This large square has the best selection of bars anywhere in the city and attracts locals and students alike every weekend, most of which are drinking ‘spritz’, a Venetian speciality which comprises of white wine, a splash of soda and a shot of Campari or Aperol.

Away from the aforementioned square, Venice’s Cannareggio district is where you will find another decent selection of after dark venues, and in particular along Fondamenta della Misericordia.

If you visit Venice any time between April and October and you fancy some free entertainment visit Campo San Marco. Classical string quartets entertain both customers of the cafés they play outside along with passer-bys.

Entertainments in Venice

  • Paradiso Perduto

    Fondamenta della Misericordia, Cannareggio, Venice, Italy

    Nightowls flock to this jazz bar in the Cannareggio district every weekend for the live bands which perform between 9pm-11pm. After that it's Italian-flavoured music which prevails. This suits the local crowd just right as vino-filled Venetians serenade each other until the taps stop flowing.

    Open daily from 11.30am-3.30pm and from 9.30pm-1am.

  • Orange

    Campo Santa Margherita, Dorsoduro, Venice, Italy

    Bright, bold, and always buzzing, 'Orange' is the coolest bar on the vibrant Campo Santa Margherita. Whether it's the orange-painted bar, the stainless steel seats out front or the beer garden to the rear, you’ll find something in this newly opened bar that will make you want to return.

    Open daily from 8am-2am.

  • Codroma

    Dorsoduro 2540, Venice, Italy

    Those of you looking for a traditional Venetian tavern need look no further. Located in the area around the Accademia, this is a popular student haunt where they sip on glasses of wine while checking out the regular art and photography exhibitions.

  • Café Noir

    Calle San Pantalon, Dorsoduro, Venice, Italy

    Café Noir is a place which seems to attract a crowd up for fun every night of the week. This is largely due to Venice's large student population that spills from the nearby Campo Santa Margherita. Choose from a large selection of beers and spirits, but make sure to try a 'spritzer', a Venetian speciality.

    Open daily from 7am-2am.

  • Devil's Forest

    Calle Stagneri, San Marco 5185, Venice, Italy

    And, now for the token English bar. The Devil’s Forest is especially popular among those wishing to sample the range of beers and ales which it has on tap. Always a good atmosphere and attracts locals as well as visitors to the city.

  • Guanotto

    Ponte del Lovo, San Marco 4819, Venice, Italy

    As well as serving as the city’s oldest pastry shop, Guanotto also doubles as gelateria or ice-cream shop and a bar. Another cocktail joint, this place is credited with the discovery of the Spritzer but for those of you who like something with a little more kick you certainly won’t be disappointed.

  • Cafe Blue

    Calle Lunga S. Panalon, Dorsoduro 3778, Venice, Italy

    This is particularly popular among backpackers as it seems to attract those from all over the world. And, as always this is a pretty good guarantee that the place is worth frequenting. One of the liveliest spots in the city, this is the place to go to find out what’s going on about Venice.

  • Casanova Music Cafe

    Lista di Spagna, Cannaregio 158A, Venice, Italy

    For those of you who fancy yourselves on the dance floor this is one of the few places in Venice where you truly get to strut your stuff. A wide range of music, things really kick off at midnight but there is a cover charge of about €10 after 10.00pm.

  • Disco Club Piccolo Mondo

    Calle Contarini Corfu, Dorsoduro 1056, Venice, Italy

    Another haunt for the boogiers among you, this place really only takes off after dark, well after midnight to be precise and keeps on kicking until 4.00am. Again there is a cover charge of €8 on Thursday and Friday and €10 on Saturday but this will get you a free drink so it’s not all bad.

  • Al Volto

    Calle Cavalli, (near Campo San Luca), Venice, Italy

    Stocking over 1,300 Italian and international wines, you are guaranteed to find at least one that you think is worth sticking to. Small and dark, it might not look that appealing but rest assured that it won’t disappoint.

  • Margaret Duchamp

    Campo Santa Margherita, Dorsoduro, Venice, Italy

    Of all the other bars dotted around Campo Santa Margherita, this one just across from Orange is the one most worthy of your attention. Attracting a young crowd from the nearby universities (like all bars in this square), tunes are chilled and there are chairs outside asking to be sat in.

    Open daily from 8am-2am.

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