City Guide Vienna, Austria

Visiting Vienna

Vienna is a city full of surprises. For every breathtaking building you expect to see, there are another two beside it that you don’t. Due to its passionate relationship with classical music grand theatres and ornate opera houses adorn the city centre, but it is also a city bursting with bars and clubs that would feel at home in the hippest of cities. And while it was the seat of the Habsburg Dynasty for so many years, you can live like a king here without upsetting your bank balance.

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Vienna City Reviews

  • 100%


    Perfect city break!

    Vienna has sooo many sights and bars and cafés and clubs to fill your days with. The weather was lovely (mid August). It is slightly more expensive than Eastern Europe but we'll worth the visit.

    Insider Tip:You can get a train to Bratislava in Slovakia really easily and only takes an hour! Good for a day trip.

  • 70%



    Expensive city. Like extremely expensive city. Your money will not go a long way there. It's nice beause its very clean and pretty, but if you are a broke backpacker like myself I would not recommend more than a few days there

  • 50%



    Pretty yes, but I've been to nicer (cheaper) places. Just as Paris makes too much of it's "city of love" status, Vienna makes too much of it's "city of music" status.

    Insider Tip:Don't spend any more than 2 days here. Go to Bratislava on the train (1 hour) or boat (4 hours).

  • 80%


    Vienna: Paris Without the French

    In Vienna the architecture is great, people are helpful and trains are efficient. A small city, you can traverse it many times by foot in a day. The food is plentiful, but cheaper if you make the 5 minute rail journey to the edge of town.

    Insider Tip:Austrians are a religious people, hence everything is closed on Sunday.

  • 100%


    Great Summer Nights

    The natural history museum was a lot of fun, as was the butterfly exhibit that was nearby. During the summer, there is a free outdoor music venue at the Rathausplatz that also has food stations throughout the park with all different foods from around the world. The river was beautiful and I enjoyed all of the crazy, epic graffiti on the river's walls.

Austria: Itinerary

With a history spanning over 2,000 years, Vienna has the architecture and attractions to make for the perfect break away. Restaurants serve top quality food, museums to interest everyone and a lively enough nightlife to keep you up until the early hours. All in all, the Austrian capital has something for everyone.

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