City Guide Vienna, Austria

Visiting Vienna

Vienna is a city full of surprises. For every breathtaking building you expect to see, there are another two beside it that you don’t. Due to its passionate relationship with classical music grand theatres and ornate opera houses adorn the city centre, but it is also a city bursting with bars and clubs that would feel at home in the hippest of cities. And while it was the seat of the Habsburg Dynasty for so many years, you can live like a king here without upsetting your bank balance.

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Vienna City Reviews

  • 60%


    Great party city

    There is a lot of sights to see in this city, the graffiti in the canal is amazing, and the night life is awesome!

    Insider Tip:Flex is an awesome club ;)

  • 40%


    Not as picturesque as expected

    Vienn is known as an expensive city, compared to London it is fairly similar. The entry prices to tourist attractions isn't too bad - as you would expect. The city is beautiful but the atmosphere is very much city based.

    Insider Tip:Visit some of the more out of the way churches as they are all worth it! In my opinion visiting Belvedere Palace was a disappointment and I would give it a miss if I were to go back. Other than the Van Gogh and Monet it was dull and staff weren't that friendly, also it seemed overpriced. Visit Schonbrunn and Hofburg instead. Public transport is good. The free map given everywhere is poor, guide books are useful. Try the schnitzel.

  • 80%


    Short trip to Vienna

    I was only in Vienna for 2 days but luckily it is one of those cities where you can fit a lot of beautiful sight seeing into a small amount of time because many monuments are close together. As an art student I´d recommend checking out the Museum Quarter. You´ll definitely see some amazing art work.

  • 50%


    Clean, fun city

    Vienna's weather was a welcome change from sweltering Italy. It is also very clean and safe with great food. Metro is easy to use.

  • 70%


    Wien, Osterrecih

    Wien (Vienna), Austria is a great city with real culture. I was fortunately there during the time of the Euro Vision 2015 concert so I was able to get a taste of the music the youth supports and, conversely, the culture that surrounds the music. Art is big here, and people feel very strongly about their beliefs (like vegetarianism, views on politics, and their shared history with Germany). The city is fairly quiet but still has a lot to do if you look around.

    Insider Tip:Make sure to venture a little bit towards the outskirts of the city to see the Shonbrunn Palace and to spend time at each of the sights in the city.

Austria: Itinerary

With a history spanning over 2,000 years, Vienna has the architecture and attractions to make for the perfect break away. Restaurants serve top quality food, museums to interest everyone and a lively enough nightlife to keep you up until the early hours. All in all, the Austrian capital has something for everyone.

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