About Vienna, Austria

About Vienna

A number of destinations usually spring to mind when planning a trip around Europe. London is one; Paris is another. One city that doesn’t get mentioned enough (but should) is Vienna, a city full of surprises.

Firstly, it is home to some of the most breathtaking buildings to be found anywhere in Europe, most of which can be found on the Ring, a series or roads which encompass an area known as the Inner Stadt (city centre). These include the Hofburg, home to the city’s infamous Hapsburg family, and the Rathaus, Vienna’s imposing city hall.

Secondly, Vienna is a city known as somewhere to go to if you wish to lay low for a few days, and that most of the city’s inhabitants are in bed by midnight. Walk around the streets and this may seem the case, but know where to go and you’ll see the Viennese are an extremely vibrant bunch.

And finally, even thought it is a city strongly connected with monarchies, it doesn’t cost too much to live like a king there. Instead eating, drinking and travel are extremely reasonable.

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