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Vienna Entertainment

For many years now there has been a rumour circulating about Vienna that could seriously tarnish its reputation. This vindictive tale states that most Viennese are in bed by midnight, something that is completely untrue.

Just as you’d expect from any European capital, Vienna gets going after dark. You just need to know where to go. A good place to start is around the Bermuda Triangle, the area around Rabensteig, Seitenstettegasse and Ruprectsplatz. This tiny area is dotted with late night bars, some with live music, others with dance tunes blaring through the speakers.

Another area with a good selection of late-night bars is along Lerchenfelder Gurtel, just two stops from on the U-bahn from Westbahnhof. Staying open until around 2am, these bars are livelier than the clubs most of the time.

Vienna’s strong musical traditions mean it is a city full of opera houses and theatres, all showcasing the finest Austrian talent. All around the city you will come across touts selling tickets to performances of Mozart’s music and other composers, but if you wish to catch a performance go down to the Staatsoper (State Opera House) at around 6pm and wait at the ‘standing tickets’ sign. This way you’ll get tickets (standing) to a show for as little as €3.50.

Entertainments in Vienna

  • Flex

    1st, Donaukanal, Vienna, Austria

    Ask any Viennese young person what is the best club in the city and the answer will more than likely be 'Flex'. Each night has a different theme, one of the most popular being 'London Calling' on Wednesdays.

    Open nightly from 10pm-5am.

  • Krah Krah

    1, Rabensteig 8., Vienna, Austria

    With an excellent selection of draught beers and snacks, this place is always packed. Occassionly, live jazz music is provided.

  • Krebitz

    1, Salzgries 9, U-Bahn Schwedenplatz, Vienna, Austria

    A cool bar with a DJ playing hip background music. Table football and pinball and an occasional live band.

  • Aera

    1, Gonzagagasse 1, U-Bahn Schwedenplatz, Vienna, Austria

    A relaxing cafe/bar upstairs and a more lively cellar where live bands perform.

  • Atrium

    4, Schwarzenbergplatz 10, U-Bahn Karlsplatz, Vienna, Austria

    A long-established lively disco. Extremely popular with students.

  • Tiffany

    1, Robert-Stolz-Platz 4, U-Bahn Karlsplatz, Vienna, Austria

    A new club on the scene that is rising in popularity. Specialises in trance and techno.

  • Volksgarten

    1, Burgring 1, U-Bahn Volksheater, Vienna, Austria

    Situated in Volksgarten Park this is probably Vienna’s coolest and best known club. The club is loved by the dance crowd and its outdoor dance floor in summertime is adored by the punters.

  • Stehbeisl

    6, Windmuhlgasse 6, U-Bahn Babenbergerstrasse, Vienna, Austria

    Small, friendly rock/folk bar with cheap pub snacks and live music from time to time.

  • B72

    8, Stadtbahnbogen, 72, Hernalser Gurtel, Vienna, Austria

    This designer club lies under the U-Bahn arches. One of the clubs that is most devoted to dance music in the city.

  • Bricks

    2, Taborstrasse 38, Vienna, Austria

    Small brick-walled cellar with an excellent resident DJ and occasional live acts. Music from 9pm.

  • U4

    12, Schonbrunnerstrasse 222, U-Bahn Meidling-Hauptstrasse, Vienna, Austria

    Dark rock/indie-alternative disco with frequent gigs. Thursday night is gay/lesbisn night.

  • Chelsea

    7th, Lerchenfelder Gürtel, Vienna, Austria

    Named after the English football club of the same name, Chelsea has been a favourite among young Viennese for years. Packed at weekends, it is a large bar which stretches back further than the eye can see when you first walk in. A great place to watch football games also due to the numerous big screens.

    Open daily 6pm-4am, Sun 4pm-4am.

  • Mozart Stuberl

    Haidmannsgasse 8, Vienna, Austria

    This small restaurant/bar is a late-bar in every sense of the phrase. The doors open nightly at 6pm and remain ajar until the wee hours of the morning - 6am to be exact. After one too many beers though, the deers heads which hang from the walls may become a tad imposing.

    Open daily from 6pm-6am.

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