City Guide Vilnius, Lithuania

Visiting Vilnius

Founded in the 14th century by Lithuanian Prince Gediminas, the capital of Lithuania is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities in Eastern Europe for backpackers travelling around that part of the continent. Its friendly locals and warm atmosphere ensures you will want to return soon after your first visit.

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Vilnius City Reviews

  • 40%


    I don't drink or party and was not there to shop so I can't comment on that, but there were a few packed bars that I passes by. The weather is cold and wet during fall/winter, so if that bothers you don't go then.

    Insider Tip:Check out Užupis, the art district area in Vilnius. Also, I recommend taking the time to see the Hill of Crosses, it's a day trip so schedule it in if you're interested.

  • 70%



    Our 2nd city on our road trip. We stayed in the Old Town area, which was full of rich people buying stuff, but if you get your arse off the main streets and explore a little you can find some absolute gems. The art republic was alright. Lots of ferarris and other expensive cars roaming about the streets. We were in Vilnius for independance day so that was pretty awesome. Easy to walk everywhere and getting in and out via car wasn't too bad either.

    Insider Tip:Get off the main streets and wander through old town properly. Climb to the top of the castle hill thing by the big square. For a capital city it was quite cheap in comparison to London. Espresso + water = 1.20 euros.

  • 80%


    Lithuania SURPRISE

    I came here on a long layover because I'm a flight attendant, just meeting friends who were traveling... and was pleasantly surprised by the city of Vilnius. I cannot wait to see more of this country!

    Insider Tip:Head to that "separate" area of the city, great galleries for buying artistic pieces, and drinking craft beer!

  • 90%


    Lovely city

    of all three capitals of the Baltics, the time in Vilnius was the best time. The People are very friendly. There are a lot of sightseeings and also a lot of nice parks. Really lovely.

  • 100%


    Pretty Little City :)

    I was only here for a few days, you don't need to long here to explore by foot! You can also go to Trakai Island Castle for a day trip, and paddle boat and swim around the castle, which is nice! I had come from 4 weeks in Norway, so found this city to be great value for money!

    Insider Tip:Head to the Vilnius University where you can go to the Bell Tower, you can get a great view of the city!! :)

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