Entertainment in Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius’ nightlife could be described as quite quiet in regards to other Eastern European cities. But as the Lithuanian capital becomes more popular with tourists every year, the number of places to go after dark increases also.

The Old Town is where it’s at if. All the city’s most popular bars and clubs are here. And rather than all of the city’s venues playing nothing but dance music there are some good jazz and live music venues also.

Unlike other European capitals on the continent, the cinemas in Vilnius regularly screen cinemas in English, providing a very good alternative to going to the pub. Vilnius also has a very good reputation for classical music and theatre and there are regular performances in different venues around the city.

Entertainments in Vilnius

  • Gravity

    Jasinskio St., 16, Vilnius, Lithuania

    Gravity is Vilnius’ best known club and has been since it opened its doors in 2001. Attracting large crowds at the weekends, it is known for its unique décor and also the big names which play there regularly.

  • Old Town

    Rudninku St., 14, Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania

    'Old Town' literally took its name from the part of the city it is situated in. Acting as a social venue since back in the 16th century, the owners have ensured it hasn’t lost any of its character and have maintained the old cellars. The club is comprised of 4 rooms in total – two halls, another banquet hall and a smaller, intimate ‘chill-out’ room.

  • Gelezinis Kablys

    Kauno 5, Vilnius, Lithuania

    This is one of Vilnius' best live music venues and is known as 'The Hook' by locals due to the large hook which hangs outside the front door. Although it is only open from Wednesday to Sunday, it makes up for lost time as it opens until 6am.

  • Gero Viskio Baras

    Pilies 34, Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania

    This is one of the Old Town's hot spots, and is more of a drinking hole than a club. The ground-floor is where the bar is situated while upstairs you will find a more trendier cocktail bar.

  • Terminalas

    Vokieciy St., 2, Vilnius, Lithuania

    As well as being one of Vilnius' top clubs, Terminalas is also one of the city's best bars and restaurants.

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