Things To See in Vilnius, Lithuania

The best part about visiting Vilnius is feeling like you have travelled back in time as you walk through the narrow, winding streets of the Old Town. It is well worth taking an afternoon, or even a full day out to explore this fascinating area.

Just south of the Old Town is the New Town. To see exactly how different both these parts of town it is worth wandering around the streets of this area also. Both sections, which are in the city centre, are crammed with parks to visit, museums to absorb information and other landmarks.

Two of Lithuania’s best national parks are just outside Vilnius. 25 kilometres outside the city you will find Trakai National Park where the ancient city of Trakai is situated along with two castles in the middle of park lakes. And just north west of the city you will come across Aukstaitija National Park, a maze lakes.

Attractions in Vilnius

  • Gediminas Tower

    , Vilnius, Lithuania

    Situated on top of Gediminas Hill, this red-brick tower was part of the city’s defences for one of the city’s castles. The view from the top of this tower (after climbing the 78 steps) is one of the best in the city.

  • Lithuanian National Museum

    Arsenalo 1, Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania

    Divided into 5 sections (history, archaeology, ethnography, numismatics and iconography), this museum covers everything you need to know about Lithuania's history, documenting everything from prehistoric times to the present day. Founded in 1855, it is Lithuania’s oldest museum.

  • Vilnius Cathedral

    Katedros Sq., 1, Vilnius, Lithuania

    Built in the 13th century by King Mindaugas after he converted to Christianity, Vilnius’ cathedral is one of the most impressive buildings in the city. After his death in 1263 it became a pagan temple but was rebuilt as a Christian Cathedral again in 1387 and after a fire in 1419 it had to be rebuilt once more.

    Inside the cathedral are over 40 different pieces of art, varying from frescoes to paintings. There is also a museum in the catacombs documenting the cathedral’s history.

  • KGB Museum

    Auku g. 2a, Vilnius, Lithuania

    This is one of the city's eerier museums. In the basement you can see where hundreds of Lithuanians were interrogated and executed before being shipped off to Siberia. As most of the cells are just as they were 30 years ago, you can really get the feeling of what it was like to be a prisoner.

  • TV Tower

    Sausio 13-osios street, Vilnius, Lithuania

    Standing at 1,071ft tall, the TV Tower is the tallest man-made structure in Lithuania. The views from the observation desk are truly breathtaking and, even though it is small bit out of the city centre, it is well worth the journey.

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