City Guide Warsaw, Poland

Visiting Warsaw

While 85% of the city was destroyed during WWII, many impressive buildings escaped unscathed some of which were built as far back as the 13th century. Nevertheless, evidence of the ravages of war are present throughout Warsaw but this is what experiencing a new city is all about – history, memories and reminders.

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Warsaw City Reviews

  • 100%


    Lovely City

    I really love Poland, I missed my flight so wish I had a bit more time here! The Old Town is lovely and the locals are so friendly!

    Insider Tip:The free walking tour was quite good.

  • 70%


    A Pretty City

    A lot of people don't think there is much to Poland, besides Krakow in the south. But Warszawa has quite a few things to do! There is the Old Town which is beautiful and a nice place to get food, you also have the Warszawa Uprising Museum which is totally awesome and a must see. I would also suggest going to the top of the Soviet built Palace of Sciences and Culture (or something along those lines) and paying to go to the top, from the top of this building you can see a beautiful view.

    Insider Tip:Bring some warm weather clothes, I went in late May and was cold with a jumper and a Northface.

  • 80%


    City trip from Krakow

    Go to the park on a sunny day and walk around. Do not forget to go shopping: malls are huge like Arkadia for instance.

    Insider Tip:Take a detour thru the Prague District and find yourself a cheap restaurant around.

  • 60%


    a big city with easy walk

    a big city with big shopping malls beautiful metro stations but a bit expensive when comparing to other cities in Poland

    Insider Tip:u can walk along the Nowy Świat Street if you are going to stay in area near Chmielna Guest House.

  • 80%


    Review on Warsaw

    old but still developing city, various and enjoyable cuisines, the royal palace is amazing, people are eager to enjoy culture when seeing the national museum is so crowded

    Insider Tip:the royal palace is free of charge on sundays assumably

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