City Guide Warsaw, Poland

Visiting Warsaw

While 85% of the city was destroyed during WWII, many impressive buildings escaped unscathed some of which were built as far back as the 13th century. Nevertheless, evidence of the ravages of war are present throughout Warsaw but this is what experiencing a new city is all about – history, memories and reminders.

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Warsaw City Reviews

  • 100%


    Lovely city

    Polish people will say that Warsaw is a ugly city. Don't trust them. Although the city was totally rebuilt after the war, there are a lot of lovely places to go. Street art everywhere and great restaurants. Don't forget to try the Polish Vodka too!

    Insider Tip:Do go to the parks in the south of the city! It's worth going!

  • 80%


    Communism is over, and Warsaw is first-class European city

    As somebody who grew up in USSR i know how hard it is to break with the past. After visiting Warsaw in 2001 i am happy to report that city have changed a lot -- and for the better. The only exception is cheap accomodation - everything else offers good value, especially if you would stick to national cousine, public transport and avoid taxis without meters. I only wish English would be spoken by everybody, but this also have improved dramatically.

    Insider Tip:Must see: a garden on top of library next to University building (forgot the street but locals know it.) It is free, there are great views and you can buy a coffee downstairs.

  • 80%


    Big, touristic city - but Krakow is better

    The city is way bigger than Krakow, very touristic and interesting. Nevertheless, it's not as interesting and fascinating as Krakow.

    Insider Tip:The free walking tours are a very good deal!

  • 90%



    Nice city to chill out or go sightseeing. Good partying at night (though a lot of hookers everywhere).

  • 80%


    Underestimated city!

    You could compare the image of Warsaw to that of Madrid: Everyone talks about the other city whilst the city itself is quite cool. It's just like that in Poland: Warsaw is a fine place to go. It's certainly not as amusing as Krakow but it certainly is much fun!

    Insider Tip:The milk bars, the vodka containers in the main street

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