Things To See in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw Things To See

Warsaw is home to a huge number of different attractions, including museums, parks, historical buildings, monuments and more. A city with a long and often tragic history, many of Warsaw’s attractions are linked to WWII.

Lots of the places of interest in Warsaw are located on and around the Old Town area. Here you’ll see the Royal Castle, with its impressive exterior and its large collection of artefacts inside. This is also the location of Zygmunt’s Column, the Barbican and the Warsaw Mermaid statue.

Outside of Old Town, there are also many places to visit including museums such as the Warsaw Rising Museum, the Polish Army Museum and the Historical Museum of Warsaw. Monuments like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Frederic Chopin memorial statue in Lazienki Park are also important.

In terms of architecture, one of the most notable buildings is the Palace of Culture and Science. It is Warsaw’s tallest building, and is also one of the tallest in Europe. Built as a gift from the Soviet Union to the Polish people, its imposing structure includes a viewing area on the 30th floor, which provides visitors with stunning views of the city.

Attractions in Warsaw

  • Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie

    Al. Jerozolimskie 3, Sródmiescie, Warsaw, Poland

    To see one of Poland's finest collections of art and decorative arts the National Museum in Warsaw is the place to go. Over 780,000 items make up the permanent collection, which covers Polish treasures, with other nationalities such as Greek and Egyptian, among others, also represented. Religious artefacts make up a large part of the display, and everything from swords to tapestries to modern art is on show. It's a large museum with bright rooms and high ceilings.

    Open Tues-Fri 10am-4pm, Sat-Sun 10am-6pm, closed Mondays; admission 12 PLN, free on Saturdays.

  • The Royal Castle

    Plac Zamkowy 4, Old Town, Warsaw, Poland

    One of Warsaw's most popular attractions, the Royal Castle is filled with things to see, from the pomp of the Royal Apartment to the huge collection of art and artefacts from Polish history. The permanent exhibition includes paintings, busts, coins, musical instruments and much more. Dating back to the 14th century, the castle was completely demolished during WWII, with the reconstruction finally completed in 1980.

    Open Tues-Sun 10am-4pm, Sun 11am-4pm, closed Mondays; admission 22 PLN, free on Sundays.

  • Muzeum Wojska Polskiego

    Al. Jerozolimskie 3, Sródmiescie, Warsaw, Poland

    Swords, crossbows, suits of armour, guns and canons are just some of the interesting pieces on display in the Polish Army Museum. Here you can learn about the history of the Polish army from the 10th century to WWII and beyond. Established in 1920, it is Warsaw's second largest museum, with around 250,000 pieces making up its permanent collection. It's not an easy museum to miss, as the exhibition continues outside, where you'll see military planes and tanks.

    Open Wed 10am-5pm, Thurs-Sun 10am-4pm, closed Mondays & Sundays; admission 8 PLN, free on Wednesdays.

  • Palac Kultury I Nauki w Warszawie

    Plac Defilad 1, Sródmiescie, Warsaw, Poland

    Built Between 1952 and 1955, the Palace of Culture and Science is Warsaw's tallest building and was given as a 'gift' to the Polish people by the former Soviet Union. On the 30th floor you'll find the viewing terrace, which offers stunning views out across Warsaw. There are more than 3,000 rooms in this building, which is home to three theatres, a cinema, the Museum of Evolution, the Museum of Technology, and much more besides.

  • Zlote Tarasy

    Złota 59, Sródmiescie, Warsaw, Poland

    This huge shopping centre is filled with well-known stores and is a very popular place to shop. Both the exterior and interior sport a modern look, with lots of bright lights. Some of the shops found here include: Hugo Boss, Mexx, Marks and Spencer, Zara, Body Shop and Claires. From clothes to shoes, you’ll find a huge selection of goods on sale over the centre's five levels.

    Open Mon-Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 10am-8pm.

  • Nowy Swiat

    Sródmiescie, Warsaw, Poland

    Warsaw's main shopping street, Nowy Swiat is filled with shops belonging to top local names and well-known international brands. Top designers like Armani, alongside popular local brands, exist side by side to fulfil your shopping needs. As well as clothes and jewellery, you will also find books, bags and things for the home on sale here.

  • Arkadia

    Al. Jana Pawła II 82, Zoliborz, Warsaw, Poland

    Arkadia is Poland's largest shopping centre has almost 200 stores spread across 2 floors. It's located a short trip outside the city centre and is a great place to go to spend some of that hard earned holiday fund. Brand names are big here, with everything from Adidas to Tommy Hilfiger on sale. Clothes, cosmetics, shoes, books, accessories, household goods, and more are all available here.

    Open Mon-Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 10am-9pm.

  • Galeria Centrum

    Marszałkowska 104, Sródmiescie, Warsaw, Poland

    A popular department store on one of the main shopping stretches in Warsaw, Galeria Centrum is a great place to shop for everything from clothes to household items. Perfume, cosmetics and watches are also on sale, as well as gift items. Big name brands such as Clinique, Levis, Chanel and Lancome can all be found in this busy store.

    Open Mon-Sun 9.30am-9pm, Sun 11am-8pm.

  • Ogród Saski

    Pl. Piłsudskiego, Warsaw, Poland

    Originally constructed in the 1660s, the Ogród Saski or Saxon Garden had to be rebuilt after WWII, and today covers a smaller area of just under 15 hectares. Here you can see a large, white fountain, as well as various paths lined with statues. Some of these are from the 18th century, and some of the trees in the park are over 250 years old. There's also a playground and a pond filled with ducks. If you get tired, there are lots of benches throughout the park where you can sit down and have a rest.

    Open daily; admission free.

  • St. John’s Cathedral

    6 Kanonia, Warsaw, Poland

    Huge ceilings, elaborate lights and an impressive collection of side alters are all visible in important place of worship. It is one of the city's oldest churches, dating back to the 14th century. Reconstructed after WWII, the Gothic design of the interior harks back to how the Cathedral looked when it was first built. Monuments to famous citizens of Warsaw are scattered around the walls.

    Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 2pm-9pm; admission free.

  • Powazkowski Cemetery

    14 Powazkowska Street, Warsaw, Poland

    Warsaw's oldest and most well-known cemetery, Powazkowski is divided into around seven different sections, including Catholic, Jewish and Military. Wandering along, you'll see some graves without names. Many of these people fell during the Warsaw Uprising. Some of Poland's most notable citizens are buried in this cemetery too, including Wladyslaw Szpliman, whose life was depicted in the hit movie 'The Pianist'.

    Open 7 days, 9am-3pm; admission free.

  • Lazienki Park

    1 Agrykoli Syreet, Warsaw, Poland

    Not only does this 17th century park offer some stunning walks, but it’s also where you'll find such attractions as the monument to famous composer and pianist, Frederic Chopin. Concerts sometimes take place in the rose garden close to this large statue. Wander through the gardens and take a look at the impressive buildings including the palace and the amphitheatre, or simply sit by the water and soak up the park's restful atmosphere.

    Open daily from 9am until dusk.

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