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Visiting Washington DC

Washington DC, capital of the USA, is one of the world’s most interesting capitals and is a great place to visit on any trip to America. Along with all the major attractions to see, it is a great city to walk around as it isn’t as busy as other American cities.

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Washington DC Pocket Guide

Washington DC Pocket Guide

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Washington DC City Reviews

  • 80%


    Heart of the States

    Worth to visit with many classic and historical buildings. Wide central area with Lincoln Monument, White house, Parliament, etc.

  • 80%


    Never buy a 1-day metro ticket

    Take circulator buses. It costs only 1 dollar per each ride and connects most of important places tourists want to go. Or just walk. DC is walking friendly place. Don't buy a metro ticket to go to Smithsonian. You will spend a whole day in museums. 1-day metro ticket can turn out to be a piece of a waste...

  • 70%


    Do DC

    While I could spend weeks inside the museums it's good to explore the neighborhoods of DC. The architecture is lovely, the city was well developed, and each neighborhood has different character. The metro is less than efficient but it's good if you have to go long distances. Otherwise I would walk or use one of the bikeshares.

  • 90%


    Washington DC is my favourite city on the east coast!

    So many free museums, culture and history. The White House is nothing compared to everything else the place has to offer. Georgetown is a great place to go out at night.

    Insider Tip:Go and see the library and take the tour. Incredible building. So cleverly designed. Hang out by the Washington monument on a Sunday and see the community tag football games and kickball games.

  • 70%


    The Museum city

    All museums are free here, and boy do they have some of the best in the country. You'll want to spend at least a day or two just to enjoy a few of them. And then there's all the memorials — several war memorials, Lincoln memorial, Jefferson memorial... And of course all the political monuments — Capitol, Library of Congress, White House... However, once you've seen all that, and unless you're ready to live a few months in the city, you've pretty much seen it all.

    Insider Tip:Rent a bike and explore the city by hopping from bike station to bike station. And don't miss the university of Georgetown and the Cathedral :)

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