Entertainment in Washington DC, USA

Only New York City has more theatre seats to offer than Washington DC. This has given it a reputation as one of the best places in America for the performing arts. Its oldest venue dates right back to 1835 and going to the theatre has always been popular with people in Washington.

The bar and nightclub scene is far less lively than in other, larger American cities although things are picking up slowly but surely. Around the world-famous Georgetown University is where you will find many popular busy bars, thanks to the student population in the area. Other districts which have more bars and clubs than others include all of Downtown and Dupont Circle.

For listings on what is going on around the city make sure to get the Washington Post on Fridays for the ‘Weekend’ section which is very helpful for listings. A free weekly newspaper, Washington City Paper is also good for listings.

Entertainments in Washington DC

  • Pharmacy Bar

    18th St NW, Adams-Morgan, Washington DC, USA

    Called so as it used to be the location for a drug-store, this bar is decorated with pills and medicine jars all over to remind you of where you are. As there is also a café menu here, it is a good place to go for a relaxed drink.

  • Felix

    2406 18th St NW, Washington DC, USA

    Covering three floors, this club is where you will find many of the city’s beautiful people dancing to the latest dance music. If the music begins to get a bit too much for you, look hard enough and you will find a room playing James Bond films!

  • Red River Grill

    201 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington DC, USA

    If you are looking for a good old fashioned bar serving cheap booze and filled with a lively crowd than you will enjoy a night in Red River Grill.

  • The Common Share

    2003 18th St NW, Washington DC, USA

    A young crowd frequents this bar - probably due to the cheap beer! There is always a good atmosphere and it is a good place to start a night out if you plan on going clubbing later that evening.

  • National Theatre

    DC AC (Theatre), Washington DC, USA

    Situated in the Adams-Morgan district, many of the performances here are free of charge. Considering they are usually quite good, if you plan on going to the theatre as an alternative to going to a pub or nightclub this is a good alternative.

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