Transport in Washington DC, USA

Getting There:

By air: Washington’s main airport is Ronald Regan National Airport which is served by mainly domestic flights. Two other airports on the outskirts are where most of the international flights end up grounding. Express buses run from both these airports on the outskirts to Washington city centre.

By train: Union Station is where you can expect to arrive if you are going to Washington on train. This station connects to Metro station.

By bus: Greyhound buses stop across from the Greyhound Station which is east of the city centre. This area is notorious for crime so rather than wandering into the city centre, get a taxi to Union Station which is nearby and then a metro downtown, or wherever your accommodation is.

Getting Around:

By Metrorail and Metrobus: These services provide the most efficient way to get around the city centre, serving all places of interest to visitors along with the surrounding suburbs also. The Metrorail service begins at 5.30am on weekdays and 7am at weekends. Services continue until midnight during the week and 3am at the weekend. Fares begin at $1.20.

On a day’s sightseeing it is easy to walk to all the attractions on foot. If you are getting a taxi note that they charge by the number of zones you travel through, rather via a meter. They are plentiful in Washington meaning you should never have too long to wait for one.

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