About Zurich, Switzerland

About Zurich

Zürich is Switzerland’s largest city, and is known both for its natural beauty and its wealth of attractions. As a result, huge numbers of people visit this enticing alpine city each year, supplementing a population which is already 361,000 strong.

Covering 35.5 square miles, the city of Zürich is home to both the Limmat River along with the expansive Lake Zürich. Coupled with the surrounding alpine mountains, it’s not hard to see where Zürich gets its reputation as such a beautiful location. From the tranquil waters of the lake to the snow-covered mountains in the distance, the area is indeed quite spectacular.

Along with this natural beauty, Zürich also boasts a very pretty cityscape. Complete with towering church spires and narrow cobbled streets, Zürich is also filled with a wide variety of things to see and do. These include everything from world-class art exhibits to the popular flea markets held on Saturdays.

Really, this is a city with something for everyone. From Niederdorfstrasse in the city’s Old Town to the former industrial area and currently hip district of Zürich West, the city is brimming with bars, clubs, and numerous restaurants.

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