Transport in Argentina

Getting There and Around
The main airport for Argentina is in Buenos Aires is Aeropuerto Internacional Misnistro Pistarini but it is more commonly known as Ezeiza. All the major international airlines which fly to Argentina fly to this terminal and the airport itself is situated just outside the city. Some regional flights also fly to Aeroparque which is situated near Ezeiza and several other cities have international airports which serve mainly domestic destinations.

The fact that Argentina borders so many countries also means that a large number of land and river crossings connect it to its South American neighbours. Several airlines fly between the main airport and the Chilean capital of Santiago, some provincial lines also fly to the smaller cities. If you enter by land you will probably have to make a journey through the Andes, and adventure in itself. Most of the other border countries including Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia have limited air connections to Argentina so travel by bus or ferry, where possible, is usually a much better alternative.

Travel around the country
Bus terminals are usually pretty easy to find in the major cities although in some cases they are kind of stuck somewhere downtown. For long journeys you will be happy to hear that the buses are comfortable and efficient and some even have recliners but being a budget traveller these probably will not apply to you as they are much more expensive. Not to worry, the regular service is more than adequate to take you around and so is the seating. To find out about times, fares, destinations etc. you should go to the terminal where all this information is posted in a place that should be easy to find. When it comes to local travel, however, the news is not as pleasing. They are usually packed full with the locals, stop every other minute and as a result even the simplest journey can take quite a while to complete. Nevertheless, this is part of the cultural experience so sit back, if you can get a seat, and enjoy it.

Most passenger rail services in Argentina are no longer in operation because of heavy susidies which have been in existence for years. At the moment, the government is cutting these subsidies and letting each individual state take over the running of the network. The problem with this is that they cannot afford to maintain and operate their section. As a result, while the situation is improving, it is a long way from ideal and with the huge distances involved with travel within Argentina it is not practical to use an unreliable service.

Again with countries as vast as Argentina, internal air travel sometimes proves unavoidable but it is extremely expensive. While other domestic airlines have recently commenced business in direct competition with the two national airlines Aerolineas Argentianas and Austral causing prices to drop, it is still not an ideal option for the budget backpacker. If you do have to avail of this service, try and get a discount deal or pass where possible.

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