Eating Out in Australia

The raw materials are superb. A glance at a catalogue from a gourmet supplier reveals exotic Australian produce such as chevre, prosciutto and marron from Western Australia, cold-pressed olive oil from South Australia, snails from Victoria, bush foods from the Northern Territory and milk-fed lamb from New South Wales. Australia’s seafood is a story in itself.
Australia has been fabulously endowed by nature. Climatic diversity enables the country to produce rambutans as well as custard apples, mangoes, coconuts, lychees, mandarins, strawberries and blackberries. Its lush coastal pastures are well suited to dairying and farmhouse cheese production; Australian rice is sold in Japan; its wines are among the worlds finest; its free-range beef is superb and its vast coastline is invested with a wealth of marine life.
Australia has a proliferation of outlets selling food – from supermarkets and specialist delicatessens through to every conceivable type of restaurant. There are numerous cafes and bistros lining the main streets in most towns and all of the major precincts in capital cities.

While you are here try some of the authentic Australian cuisine such as Kangaroo, Crocodile, Emu and Shark.

Australia also offers a great selection of international cuisines to suit every palate including Italian, Mexican, Thai, Malaysian, Chinese, Greek and Vietnamese.

BYO : Many Australian restaurants offer a BYO service which means that you can bring your own wine and beer. Most charge a corkage fee of $1-$2, so bringing your own booze can greatly reduce the cost of a meal out!

Smoking : Many Australian restaurants are non-smoking, although most provide outdoor seating where smoking is permitted.

Beer : Australian beer is the same consistency as lager and brands vary from state to state. While, Fosters is probably the most well known brand internationally, brands such as VB, Carlton, Tooheys and XXXX (Four X) are more commonly seen.

Wine : Australia is rapidly gaining international recognition as a wine producer, well-known varieties include those from the Hunter Valley in NSW,Barossa Valley in SA or Coonawarra Valley in Victoria.

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