Things To See in Australia

Here's just some of the popular activities and areas where you can do them:

Apart from the diving mecca which is Queensland's Great Barrier Reef, diving spots include South Australia's Kangaroo Island (where there are several accessible shipwrecks) and West Australia's Esperance, Rottnest Island, and Carnarvon.

White-water rafting and canoeing are possible at Coffs Harbour on New South Wales' Nymboida River, on the upper Murray near Khancoban also in New South Wales; along Queensland's Tully and North Johnstone rivers between Townsville and Cairns; and in Tasmania.

There are countless surfing beaches along the Australian coast, some of them in the cities (Sydney and Perth), some in beach towns (Lorne, Victoria; Byron Bay, New South Wales; and Surfers Paradise, Queensland) and some in remote areas (the south-west of South Australia and the north-west of West Australia).

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