Eating Out in Belgium

Over the ages Belgium has been invaded by many other European countries. The Romans, Vikings, French, Spanish and English, among others, have all left their mark on the food. Natives of the country acquired cooking techniques used by their invaders.

Belgians don’t hold back when adding fish, game and potatoes to their native dishes. All ingredients are used in abundance. To flavour things up almonds and spices are added along with fresh herbs which can be found in deserts as well as main courses.

Some of its most famous foods include cheese (165 different types are produced in the Northern Europe country), mussels, frites (French-fried potatoes) and waffles. For those who have a sweet tooth, and are prone to dabbling in deserts when present will surely indulge in some of Belgium’s fine chocolates which the country is very famous for.

Belgian food is sometimes considered Europe’s second finest cuisine only to French food and natives say their food is “cooked with French finesse and served with German generosity”. This finesses and generosity can be found in simple bistros and Michelin three-star restaurants all over the country.

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