Entertainment in Belgium

No matter where you are going out in Belgium, you are sure to get a nice pint of beer. This country is famed for it. All pubs have numerous types of beer, with a wider selection usually bottled. It’s best known beer internationally is Stella Artois.

While Amsterdam has coffee shops, or ‘Brown Cafés’ which are renowned for legally selling different varieties of marijuana, Belgium has ‘beer cafés’ which sell various types of beer. But they are just one type of place to sit down and enjoy Belgian beer. Along with these cafés and pubs you can enjoy a few drinks in most bistros and brassieres as well as local establishments called herbergs.

Clubbing is extremely popular with the Belgians. All genres of dance music have huge followings and the clubbing scenes in the bigger cities such as Brussels, and in particular Antwerp, is very active. When locals from these cities go out they don’t do so until after midnight and stay out until the very early hours of the morning.

Due to the country’s fascination with lager, no matter where you go in the country you will always find some description of establishment to sample the country’s various beers.

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