Transport in Belgium

Getting there

By air: Belgium’s main airport is Brussels International Airport. Flights from all European countries fly there. There are other, smaller airports serving a number of international flights in Charleroi which is approximately 55km from Brussels and also Deurne, which is close to Antwerp.

By train: The recent Channel Tunnel between England and France enables the Eurostar service to travel between Waterloo Station in London to Brussels’ Gare du Midi station. Travelling to Belgium by train can also be done from all its neighbouring countries.

By bus: As Belgium is surrounded by France, Luxembourg, Holland and Germany, buses connect most Belgian cities to all of these countries. Companies such as Busabout join the UK with Belgium by bus.

Getting around

Buses, trams and two metro lines serve Brussels. Bus is the main form of public transport in Bruges and while Antwerp uses buses, trams and a premetro service to bring the locals around the city.

Trains and buses connect all the major cities, while internal flights can be purchased also.

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